GameWorks VR Will Blaze Trail for Virtual Reality

by Jason Paul

Virtual reality is among the most compelling advances in next-generation gaming, providing full immersion in a virtual world. But delivering a great VR experience requires serious computing power.

That’s why we’re announcing the GeForce GTX 980 Ti — our new flagship GPU. Along with it, we’re announcing a new software development kit, GameWorks VR, to help VR headset and game developers build incredible experiences on GeForce GPUs.

This kind of technology is needed now more than ever.

In May, Oculus recommended that gamers run a GeForce GTX 970 or higher GPU for the optimal experience with the upcoming Rift VR headset. It’s no easy feat to drive stereo gaming on a high-resolution 2160×1200 display at 90Hz, with near-zero tolerance for latency or stutter.


To deliver that, GameWorks VR combines features we announced back at GDC 2015 under the banner of VR Direct with new and enhanced capabilities.

GameWorks VR includes:

  • NVIDIA Multi-Res Shading (MRS) — An innovative new rendering technique for VR. With NVIDIA MRS, each part of an image is rendered at a resolution that better matches the pixel density of the final displayed VR image. This technology uses the multi-projection architecture of the GeForce GTX 980 Ti GPU to render multiple viewports in a single pass. The result: substantial performance improvements for VR games.
  • VR SLI — Provides increased performance for VR apps. Multiple GPUs can be assigned a specific eye to dramatically accelerate stereo rendering. With the GPU affinity application programming interface, VR SLI allows scaling for PCs with two or more GPUs.
  • Context Priority — Enables control over GPU scheduling to support advanced VR features such as asynchronous time warp. This cuts latency and quickly adjusts images as gamers move their heads, without the need to re-render a new frame.
  • Direct Mode — Delivers plug-and-play compatibility for VR headsets. With Direct Mode, the NVIDIA graphics driver recognizes the headset as a VR display rather than a standard desktop monitor, providing a more seamless user experience.
  • Front Buffer Rendering — Lets the GPU to render directly to the front buffer to reduce latency.

An alpha version of the GameWorks VR SDK is already in the hands of – and receiving positive feedback from — VR industry leaders such as CCP Games, Epic Games, HTC, Oculus, and Valve.  If you’re a VR developer interested in receiving the SDK, check out our GameWorks VR developer page.

VR is coming. If you have seen any of the stunning demos like Thief in the Shadows, Back to Dinosaur Island, EVE: Valkyrie or the HTC Vive demos, you know this is going to be a wild ride. Happy gaming.

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  • 256k

    So, it does not work on 980 GTX? just 980 ti?

  • realjjj

    Was wondering how memory heavy the VR specific features are. Minutes ago i had this crazy idea that next year VR vs 4k should require less RAM since VR is lower res and much higher FPS.
    Given the cost of RAM and the huge amounts used nowadays i was wondering if VR specific GPU SKUs could be made.
    Lets say 250mm2 on 16ff+ that retails for 329$ and performs like the 980TI but has only 3GB GDDR5. Ofc assuming the soon to arrive glasses are sanely priced and make the market worth targeting with a specific SKU.

  • ati

    No thanks nividia we have enough of your proprietary anti-consumer bullshit now.

  • disqus_QhIuaUyjSy

    Every feature works on all the 900 series, some of the features work on 500 series plus.

  • Max Terekhin

    Can we have the comment about GTX 970 more extended?

    Will I be able to play Oculus games with a $315 GTX 970, or will I absolutely need to buy that $700 card?

  • kontis

    “since VR is lower res”

    Are you sure about that?

    From Valve’s presentation:

    Off screen rendering ~1.4x in each dimension (because of lens distortion correction): 1512 x 1680 per eye, so the game has to render at 3024 x 1680 x 90+ FPS. In other words this is 3K@90 instead of 4K@60, but with stereoscopy. Rendering at lower than 3K resolution will not give you 1:1 native pixels in the centre of each screen.

    Moreover, anti-aliasing is extremely important in VR and deferred renderers can’t use hardware AA efficiently, so preferred method is to use supersampling….

  • TP

    You can play on the 970. Its like anything though, the more money you spend, the more options you can enable or turn up, and the better it’ll look.

  • CaptainQuality


  • amd

    “No thanks nividia we have enough of your proprietary anti-consumer bullshit now.”


  • Jianju

    Disagree. I’ve been rocking the Oculus since last Fall, & I will never give up the VR experience.

  • KatoNamus

    Exciting times.

  • rock1m1

    I guess you haven’t heard of AMD’s own’s spinoff, LiquidVR:

  • Ric Armstrong

    Having worked for the Govt in simulation, including VR, and as a past member of NASA’s Simulator Induced Sickness Working Group, I can tell you that 60 hz is not going to cut it. You will find that, although 60 hz looks fine to most users, it will cause problems with simulator sickness (similar to motion sickness). The brain can tell the difference even if your eyes don’t see a problem.

  • gold4 rsgame

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  • Allan Hambrick

    You are a moron. Thanks to people like you, who expect everything to be free and open most innovation is stifled. Enjoy your basement and commie indoc, pal. the rest of us applaud Nvidia for pushing the envelope and managing to make a buck. People like you make me want to puke.

  • Demosthenes

    Sir Tim Berners-Lee didn’t make a buck off the world wide web, and here you are expressing your opinion to someone on a forum that potentially wouldn’t have existed. Please, continue to tell us how open standards in tech don’t foster innovation.

  • Alan Wolfe

    There are a lot of factors at play here, FPS being only one of them. Camera movement characteristics and CONSISTENT fps being another 😛

  • ctguy1955

    Eve looked really awesome !

  • Allan Hambrick

    Nice name. Call me Locke. Your quid pro quo argument is exactly what I would expect. I can regurgitate a thousand examples captitalism fostered innovation for every communist example you provide. Your “code must be free “attitude is naive and self defeating. It is also wrong. Demanding something that someone else creates for free is very different than them offering it freely of their own accord. Socialists and communists always want the fruits of others labor for free.

  • James Lei

    Sir Tim is merely creating a software specification and it gets too fragmented, here Nvidia collaborated with VR manufacturers and need a quality VR experience than quantity, how many mobile games have you played so far? Beside, VR innovators haven’t thought ways to get around the latency. tell us or contribute to VR community if you know how.

  • Nobody_Anybody

    Any news on the Near-Eye Light Field Displays?

  • R6ex

    Will Multi-Res Shading (MRS) work on the GTX 970 too? The article specifically mentioned “This technology uses the multi-projection architecture of the GeForce GTX 980 Ti GPU to render multiple viewports in a single pass.”, so I thought MRS only works on the GTX 980 Ti or newer cards. Thanks.

  • HelenTGreene

    Reset your job with blogs.nvidia Find Here

  • Nicki

    I am doing some research on the history of VR and am looking for great archival content. Does anyone have suggestions?”

  • Roleparadise

    Bro. Chill with the hostility. There’s no reason to get this upset over this. The API will be free to use regardless. The reason people are calling it anti-consumer is because it only works with NVIDIA’s portion of the market, thereby lofting fragmentation in a market that thrives on standards. No developer is going to make games that only work with NVIDIA graphics cards, so this software is completely unnecessary until AMD come out with an equivalent software or unless a third party creates a standard.

  • Allan Hambrick

    There was a guy years back named Geron Lanier (sic) . He was interesting and had crazy dreads….he was pushing hard in the arena of VR. He was an early evangelist if not a pioneer. He would be great to track down.

  • Allan Hambrick

    So when Honda debuts a new civic with a more efficient engine that is only for Honda’s, next year , will you beat the same drum? This kind of rhetoric and hyperbole usually comes from people living in a basement or under a bridge. Sycophants, irrationally protesting innovation when it doesn’t stem from “their team” represent the worst kind of thinking. You probably are still rocking out that overclicked Celeron 300 from 1999. Sigh.

  • Jeffrey Coffman

    Will you abandon Gameworks VR like you have 3D Vision?