Introducing GeForce GTX 980 Ti — Our New Flagship Gaming GPU Has Arrived

by Justin Walker

The latest addition to our GTX family — the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti — has arrived.

Our new flagship GeForce GPU is an amazing upgrade for gamers who haven’t yet jumped to a Maxwell GPU.

In fact, the GTX 980 Ti is up to 3X faster when compared to a GTX 680.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti.

It features 6GB of memory and enough CUDA cores to drive games at 4K. That makes it great for 4K gaming, and great for future games, too. The GTX 980 Ti also features support for Microsoft’s next-generation DirectX 12 graphics application programming interface.

We’ve supercharged all our GTX 900-series Maxwell GPUs with DX12 features that unlock the full promise of the new API. All Maxwell GPUs support DX12, including support for conservative raster and volume tiled resources. This means developers can do more with their games on Maxwell than on any other GPU.

Cool, Quiet, Compact

Your games will be more immersive. They’ll run faster. And they’ll look better. And with a design that sips power rather than gulps it, gamers get quiet, cool operation. Noise or heat will never become a distraction. And, for those with space constraints, you can even use GTX 980 Ti in a small form-factor PC.

Industry analysts are predicting there will be more than 350 million PCs running Windows 10 within the first year of its release. That’s a lot of potential gamers. And with more than 100 developers working on DX12 games, now’s the perfect time to get ready.

For more on our announcements at Computex, see our in-depth coverage on; and more on our corporate blog: GameWorks VR Will Blaze Trail for Virtual RealityG-SYNC – the Ultimate Gaming Display – Reaches Notebooks, New Monitors

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  • Tommy Annd Julia

    I’ll go with the amd fury hbm ram so no thanks

  • Antonio Balint


  • Edward Turvey

    Why is this being compared to the 680 when the logical comparison should be to the 780

  • Eric Hartman

    Looking forward to seeing the price point for this and the rest of the 900 Ti series cards.

  • Edward Turvey
  • David Rambo Johansson

    about $750 in sweden.. so a little higher than that i’d say

  • Fotiou Alexandros

    amd peasant

  • Edward Turvey
  • David Rambo Johansson

    God damn Sweden then! Here it costs 7500kr ($830) but we are always a little more expensive, so my guess was $750.. but the dollar is going strong right now compared to our swedish crown..

  • Edward Turvey

    Hmm £550 in the UK. Tempting.

  • Max Lorrain

    The 8xx series cards are being compared to the 6xx series because the 7xx series is just a rehash of the Kepler architecture used int he 6xx series

  • Edward Turvey

    700 series was the big die versions of Kepler. We only saw small dies in the 600 series unless you count the first Titan. Nvidia spread Kepler out over two series of cards. What i’m referring to is that GM200 in the 980Ti should be compared to GK110 as they are more comparable.

  • Netinho Paraense

    LOL you are all crying about the price , you are lucky guys!!! HERE In BRAZIL this stuff costs …….us$2700 !!! LOL we have the highest tax in the world! So 99% of people is still using old cards like gtx 760 and r9 280x (that are expensive too, like us$ 1000) !!!

  • Steve

    Does anyone actually like this kind of ridiculous marketing vid? I seriously try not to giggle, it almost seems like a parody of itself and of technology ads in general. Just an idea: these cards are made for hardcore geeks. Why not a simple advert, that just states specs and performance and leaves out all the drenching the card in liquid metal, crappy slogans about the future, and sound effects? What kind of numpties are you trying to sell this card to with adverts like that? Let the card speak for itself with performance.

  • Julio Raygoza

    you cant have someone buy them here in the US and ship it to you? Cuz those prices are insane

  • w1retap

    Their definition of small form factor makes me laugh. Maybe a large ITX tower or MicroATX case..

  • Curtis Ling

    just import a card i am sure even with taxes it’ll be cheap

  • Curtis Ling

    well it does fit in a shoebox

  • Yavor Yankov

    For the same price in the UK, I can get a r9 295×2, which is by far the best gpu made, so yeah. No brainer.

  • Rickio Bitencourt

    I’m from Brazil too. Prices here is really crazy, but not THAT crazy. The op is exaggerating a bit. I got my gtx970 for something around $500, to less, and no, 99% of the people are not using crap hardware. It’s not easy having a PC gaming around here, but not impossible. About import products, everything has HUGE taxes, and often, without explanation and much higher than it should be (at least 60% of the original price, but depending of the price and product type can be much more).

  • Byron Pwns

    No HBM?

  • Kheigen

    Hmmm according to whom. Not only that, but you are toting a dual GPU card. It is a fine card no doubt, and if you want it, get it. But I will def be enjoying my new 980 ti, as I feel it is the better card, from a company that gives better support and has better drivers.

  • Kheigen

    I’ll see that and raise you Pascal in 2016. Your move.


    The hardcore geeks like a little excess in advertisements. It may not be the best ad, but it’s sleek enough, and sleek marketing lends a feeling of genuine quality to products. Think of it like hype for anything else, the Avengers movie, for instance. The hype is important for marketing on any level.

  • mariomguy

    Well, theoretically, it will take more than 8 years for mid-range PCs to achieve this level of performance. So by getting a massive top-of-the-line graphics card like this one today, you kind of are already playing into the future, you just bought your way there instead of waiting for it to be more feasible. It is a very powerful card, the most powerful, in fact. That’s kind of a good excuse for NVIDIA to make a big deal about it.

  • Colin Dack

    I see Pascal and raise you Arctic Islands.

  • Christian De La Espriella

    Speak for yourself NERD

  • Nemanja Popovic

    In Serbia, MSI GTX980 GAMING 4GB costs 671 euro, imagine this one :/

  • Betty Black

    liar, you will go to jail


  • eduardobm

    But, as always, with more than 2 times the power drawn (peak 362W vs 810W). Needs extra power, cooling and space.

  • Adam Sims

    ebuyer have a couple up for pre-order. im getting one day 1!

  • 94xj

    Not to mention the limited upgrade path. Crossfire and SLI scaling drops off sharply after 2 way. Another 295×2 could be added but gains would be minimal, especially if the board drops the x16 slots to x8. 4 lanes per gpu? No, thanks.

  • 1pp1k10k4m1

    A lot of the costs you guys pay are because of the Brazilian government’s import taxes. Sorry man, that sucks.

  • 1pp1k10k4m1

    Yeah, import taxes there are insane. Sony, before releasing PS4 was talking about how expensive it would be in Brazil (they estimated that their cost would be around $550, but final cost would be $1950-2000 due to Brazil’s import taxes). They even talked about building a production facility in Brazil to bring costs down.

  • 1pp1k10k4m1

    Yeah, that’s the distinction…a double GPU card vs a single GPU card. Yes, they are comparable in price, but not really in performance when you get down to the fact that it’s taking 2 GPUs to do what 1 basically can do.

  • Tyler Bishop

    I see your Arctic Islands and raise you Volta.

  • Kheigen

    Well played my friend…very well played 😉

  • Tyler Bishop

    Why thank you. Now back to gaming with 970s thinking of how under powered they are going to be compared to 2 volta gpus at their launch haha.

  • Isaac Winn

    So going my Nvidia stats 6 gb of mem = 5 and a bunch of other lies they are most likely going to post stats that look great but they can’t back up once again.

  • domahman

    Why not go for grid service instead?

  • altechi

    Methinks it’s time to change the reference cooler Nvidia

  • PedzP

    RIP min wage working class wallet.

  • Edward Turvey

    Overclockers UK had some in stock yesterday but they’re all gone now.

  • XT6Wagon

    When are the Win10 drivers going to be done?

  • TheTruE
  • goldenboy77

    does not work on win 10 no drivers and the win 8 drivers are very buggy

  • HelenTGreene

    Reset your job with blogs.nvidia Find Here

  • 5okrates

    HAHA I really can see the developers of this teaser laughing about how stupid these kids are