NVIDIA Brings VR to Taiwan

by Melody Tu

Our new flagship GeForce GTX 980 Ti GPU wasn’t the only thing we brought to Computex this week. We also brought our GeForce VR Experience, so Taiwan gamers can come enjoy virtual reality for the first time.

VR changes the way you play and experience games by putting you in the game.  When you’re in VR, you’re directly in the action with a full 3D world all around you. Move your head and the view changes. Move your physical body and your virtual body moves with it. You have to experience this to grok it.

Our GameWorksVR technology is blazing a trail for new virtual reality experiences.

The Experience features Oculus’ latest prototype VR headset, Crescent Bay.  Crescent Bay offers new display technology, 360° head tracking, expanded positional tracking volume, dramatically improved weight and ergonomics, and high-quality integrated audio compared to their current DK2 headset.

Combined with the incredible performance of GeForce GTX 980 Ti GPUs, gamers will enjoy the state of the art in virtual reality, including demos and games such as Epic Games’ Showdown, CCP Games’ EVE: Valkyrie, and more.

Gamers will also get hands on with the latest GeForce technology, including new 4K G-SYNC displays, DirectX 12 demos, the world’s first G-SYNC notebooks, and NVIDIA’s just released SHIELD Android TV.

The GeForce VR Experience is open to the public from June 2 to 4, from 9am to 9pm UTC at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Taipei, 3rd Floor Ballroom.

Come early. Space is limited.

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  • Ben Parry

    Does this mean they may support native oculus support for games?

  • LarZen

    Hope you can show us some video footage. I love to watch people react to VR. 😛

  • Daniel Liljeberg

    “Combined with the incredible performance of GeForce GTX 980 Ti GPUs, gamers will enjoy the state of the art in virtual reality…”

    GPU’s… So does that mean several 980Ti’s were used to drive the demo?

  • Dominic

    This was a lot of fun, attended today. If anyone has any questions about it all, let me know!

  • Gary_Rainville

    That’s awesome, Dominic. Thanks for the offer!

  • Dominic

    Yeah, they were running 4 980ti’s in the DX12 demo rigs. Not sure about the VR stations, but I assume they were as well.

    I’m personally going to wait for Pascal. My 660ti is fine for 1080p gaming. I think Pascal will be the solution for driving VR with reasonably priced and power efficient rigs.

    The VR was truly amazing though. I kinda want to be cryogenically frozen for a year now, haha

  • TheTruE
  • R6ex

    So true. I’m surviving on the 970 at 1080p as well. This 980Ti is a tempting upgrade. However, I’m also gonna be patient and wait for Pascal. Think GP100 SLI should give us more power than 4 980Tis. That’s the kind of power we need for VR!

  • CarolJLockett

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