Google Busts Open Its Android TV App Treasure Trove

by Chris Daniel

It’s now easier than ever to find the entertainment options you want on SHIELD, the flagship Android TV device – thanks to the major update Google released last week to its Android TV app.

The update lets you browse each of the store’s 600 apps using SHIELD, which launched recently in North America.

Powered by our Tegra X1 processor, we built SHIELD with the power to stream video in 4K, handle a plethora of next-generation apps and unleash a new generation of Android games.

SHIELD is the first major internet-streaming media device to support the next-generation 4K standard being built into a new generation of ultra-high definition televisions.

Browse to Your Heart’s Content

Seeing is believing: Android TV now lets you see more of what it has to offer.

Until now, users could only browse a small, curated subset of the store’s offerings and had to search for other software by name.

The update puts on display one of Android’s greatest strengths: its open software ecosystem. And look for new TV apps on Android TV. Major broadcasters are bringing their video and viewing apps to Android TV soon, including HBO Now, HBO Go, CBS News, CBS Sports, EPIX, Fox News, Fox Now, Fox Sports, FX Now, Qello, Twitch, UFC, USA Today, Vimeo, Vudu and WWE.

Look for more games, content and apps to find their way to your big screen, via the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV device, in the months to come.

Here, now: SHIELD is ready to bring new entertainment experiences to your living room.

So get your NVIDIA SHIELD at, Amazon or Then load it up with the great new content it makes possible.

When you buy SHIELD, you’ll get about $60 in Google Play value. This includes a $30 Google Play credit and three months of unlimited Google Play Music (a $29.97 value).

And, for a limited time, when you buy SHIELD Pro, you’ll get about $90 in Google Play value. This includes a $30 Google Play credit, three months of unlimited Google Play Music (a $29.97 value) and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! (a $29.99 value).1

1 Game is planned for release on SHIELD on July 1, 2015. Date is subject to change by the game publisher.