A Bloody Masterpiece: ‘Killing Floor 2’ is First with NVIDIA FleX

by Brian Burke

In the horror genre, gore and guts are commonplace. And the folks at Tripwire Interactive are using our technology to take the gore in their new horror survival game to a new level. In Killing Floor 2, you must fight your way through waves of mutated specimens, called Zeds. The longer you fight, the messier things get.

The three foundations of the game’s initial design mantra were “Bullets, Blades and Blood.” And that lead to the creation of the M.E.A.T. (massive evisceration and trauma) system to depict dynamic gore, blood splatter and detailed graphic violence. To get the M.E.A.T. just right, Tripwire made Killing Floor 2 the first game to use our NVIDIA PhysX FleX technology for soft tissue and fluid interaction. That’s geek for guts and blood splatter.

NVIDIA FleX started as a research project, which grew into a tech demo that created a buzz on the internet with a video of a rabbit washing around in a wave pool and cereal floating in milk. Nice. But the folks at Tripwire aren’t into bunnies and cereal. They’re into blood and guts.  So they used NVIDIA FleX a little differently than we did.

You can use it, too. The same milestone gaming technology used by Tripwire to get the gory look they wanted for Killing Floor 2 is widely available to game developers free of charge. At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this year, we announced we were making custom branches for NVIDIA GameWorks technologies available on the GitHub code-sharing service to make it easier for game developers to add our leading-edge technologies to their Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) games.

Putting this code on GitHub, where developers can pick it up and play with it, shortens the development cycle, and the effects make the games look more stunning. Developers can use these custom branches to add special effects to their games through GameWorks libraries such as NVIDIA VXGI, NVIDIA FleX, NVIDIA WaveWorks and NVIDIA HBAO+.

We created GameWorks to advance gaming, and the folks at Tripwire are using  NVIDIA FleX to take the gore in Killing Floor 2 to the next level. By extending the state of the art in graphics technologies, we make gaming a richer, cooler and better experience. Putting custom branches on GitHub makes it easier to get all of this into games.

Note: No bunnies or cereal were harmed with NVIDIA FleX technology. I can’t say same for the Zeds.