Windows 10 Is Game Ready for “Batman: Arkham Knight”

by Sean Pelletier

With the arrival of our Game Ready driver for Batman: Arkham Knight, we’re releasing the first Game Ready Windows Hardware Qualification Lab certified driver with support for Windows 10.

Although the next version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system doesn’t formally launch until next month, we’re committed to providing Windows 10 gamers with the same day-1 gaming quality they’ve come to expect.

Taking a look at the phenomenal titles we’ve already seen in 2015, you’ll find every title has had a Game Ready driver made available the day it launched or earlier.

Now, beginning with Batman: Arkham Knight, every Game Ready WHQL driver will be offered simultaneously on Windows 10 and other Windows operating systems.

Every major new title in 2015 supported by Game Ready Drivers.

This will be a great year for Windows gaming, thanks to support for a host of new gaming features in Windows, including the new DirectX 12 graphics application programming interface built into Windows 10.

We’re working on DX12 on many fronts. Our engineers are providing drivers, working with game engine providers, and co-developing with Microsoft.

We’re also helping game developers deploy their DX12 titles.

GeForce has been the GPU of choice for key DX12 demos from Microsoft since the API was announced. Combining the world’s fastest GPU hardware with a high-quality graphics driver made for the perfect showcase for the next-generation features of Windows 10 and DirectX 12.

With our support for Windows 10, this is a combination you’ll soon be able to enjoy at home, too.