At Comic-Con, Two NVIDIANs Among Thousands Enjoying NVIDIA-Powered Experience

by Brian Caulfield

Fans of NBC’s “Heroes” television series — in which ordinary people wield extraordinary powers — are in for a treat at this year’s Comic-Con gathering in San Diego this week.

NBC took over Gaslamp Square with an augmented reality experience promoting “Heroes Reborn,” a 13-episode mini-series that brings the Heroes characters back to prime time. And our NVIDIA GameWorks technology played a supporting role.

V Squared Labs’ “Heroes Reborn” experience lets fans wield extraordinary virtual powers.

V Squared Labs, known for creating massive visual and interactive experiences, used the FlameWorks technology that’s part of our NVIDIA GameWorks special effects library to help create the experience.

Fans filed through two side-by-side portals into the “Renautas Corporation Evolved Human Research Facility” found in NBC’s “Heroes.”

This NVIDIAN was one of thousands who poured into V Squared's "Heroes Reborn" experience at Comic Con.
This NVIDIAN was one of thousands who poured into V Squared Labs’ “Heroes Reborn” experience at Comic-Con.

Two NVIDIANs, Jason and Janine, were among the thousands of fans scanned by a Microsoft Kinect to reveal their image on the screen, where they were bestowed with the special power of pyro-kinesis. They were then put through a series of exercises where they could look at a screen to see their hands appear with flames, which they could hurl at targets.

Once our colleagues completed basic training, they were among the fans who used their pyro-kinetic ability to battle the city’s “Evolved Human Database.” It’s an experience that includes icy Cryo blasts and massive floor vibrations, and is powered by a pair of PCs running our GeForce GTX TITAN graphics cards.

If you’re at Comic-Con this year, don’t miss out. NBC’s “Heroes Reborn” experience will be open to the public from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Sunday, July 12, at Gaslamp Square.

Photo credit: Devin J. Dilmore & Christina Belle for V Squared Labs