Why You’ll Find GameWorks in Latest Edition of NCSOFT’s Lineage Franchise

by Shannen Choi

NCSOFT, the developer behind the Lineage franchise, pioneered massively multiplayer online games. They’ve captured the imagination of Korean gamers — some of the most demanding on Earth — and haven’t let go.

Now, we’re teaming up with NCSOFT to take their latest flagship title, Lineage Eternal, to another level.

Just like the loot-filled world of Lineage, it’s going to be an adventure with plenty of rewards.

“Working with NVIDIA gives us access to cutting-edge visual effects technologies that help make our games truly next-gen,” says NCSOFT Chief Development Officer Bae Jae-Hyun.

Lineage Eternal is the latest example of what can happen when new ways to play are paired with new kinds of visual experiences. NCSOFT knows how to put together intense combat, deeply customizable characters and sprawling multiplayer worlds.

One of their latest innovations: giving players the ability to scythe their way through enemies with a flick of the mouse, rather than relying solely on a keyboard to direct volleys of arrows or the sweep of a magical sabre.

We’ve been bringing experiences like this to life with NCSOFT since the release of Lineage 2 in 2002. Now, we’re bringing along NVIDIA GameWorks, our collection of cutting-edge graphics and physics technologies.

GameWorks enhances the way details such as hair, clothing, lighting, explosions, debris and water react in games. You’ll see many of them showcased in the magical world of Lineage Eternal.

For players, surviving — and thriving — in this world means teaming up with other players. Building that world takes teamwork, too.

To improve effects, our engineers do more than just create algorithms and build toolsets. They offer hands-on help. The result: more immersive games, like Lineage Eternal, which features 3D battlefields filled with hundreds of characters that sprawl across multiple screens.

While the world of this role-playing game is extensive, it also has the intensity of an action game: advanced graphics will drop players in the cut-and-thrust of Lineage Eternal’s fast-paced gameplay.

“NCSOFT’s latest masterpiece is sure to amaze,” says Keita Iida, NVIDIA’s senior director of global content management.

Games like Lineage Eternal are why we built GameWorks. More than half of the top PC games launched in 2014 included its technologies. It’s compatible with every major game engine. And it helps powers PC, console, mobile and cloud games.

When we work with developers at NCSOFT’s level, it’s a winning combination.