Why Windows 10 and DirectX 12 Represent a Big Step Forward for Gaming

by Sean Pelletier

Windows 10 is here and, with it, DirectX 12.

This new graphics application programming interface, or API, represents a big step forward.

It fast tracks a new generation of games that will take advantage of DirectX 12, offering unprecedented, low-level access to hardware resources. So developers can tailor their games to GeForce GPU architectures.

DirectX 12 will enable new graphics effects that transform your gaming experience – techniques like Volume Tiled Resources, Conservative Raster, Raster Order Views, Tiled Resources, Typed UAV Access, Bindless Textures, Asynchronous Compute, and more. While enormously sophisticated technology, together they will increase image quality and realism while offering increased performance.

We’re demonstrating our commitment to DirectX 12 through our close collaboration with game developers. Together, we’re refining our drivers to take full advantage of the features and functionality of this new graphics API. We’re also helping game developers deploy their DirectX 12 titles. More than a hundred of them are already creating their next-gen titles using GeForce GPUs.

Video: Microsoft chose GeForce for its first DirectX 12 demonstration ever at GDC 2014.

There’s nothing surprising there. GeForce GPUs have been used for a number of high-profile DirectX 12 demos from Microsoft since the API was announced at GDC 2014. This marriage of the world’s fastest GPU hardware with a high-quality graphics driver proved the perfect showcase for the new features of Windows 10 and DirectX 12.

Our first WHQL driver for Windows 10 dropped in mid-May, and we’ve released updates since then. We released our Game Ready driver for Windows 10 earlier this month, 353.62, well ahead of launch. You can get it now through Windows Update.

You won’t be alone. Industry observers expect more than 350 million PCs will run Windows 10 within the first year. Thanks to GeForce GPUs and our Game Ready driver program, you can upgrade to Windows 10 with confidence. You’ll enjoy the ultimate gaming experience today. And you’ll be ready for the incredible titles coming tomorrow.

Video: Square Enix’s DirectX 12 demo WITCH CHAPTER 0 [cry] dropped jaws at Build 2015. It was demoed on GeForce.

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