Render Me Speechless: Get a Peek at Future of Design at SIGGRAPH 2015

by Greg Estes

Is it real or is it rendered? Thousands of artists, designers and computer scientists attending SIGGRAPH, the world’s top computer graphics conference, will be asking themselves this very question in Los Angeles next week.

We’ll be showing how NVIDIA rendering and light simulation software, and our latest suite of design tools, make it virtually impossible to tell the real from the rendered. And how we’ll enable designers to work faster — and more fluidly — while viewing their creations with unprecedented accuracy as they work.

Our latest suite of design tools make it virtually impossible to tell the real from the rendered.
Our latest suite of design tools make it virtually impossible to tell the real from the rendered.

That’s crucial for designers. All too often, they can’t confidently predict what their digital designs will look like in the real world. Until now, the digital approximations viewed on their workstations haven’t accurately represented the final manufactured product. That’s because they haven’t had the tools to create accurate representations of their products and materials and render them interactively.

“Visualization allows us to explore more iterations and concepts in less time.  More time means we can refine a good design into something truly great and timeless.”

— Matthew Gueller, Senior Surface Designer, Harley-Davidson

So stop by — we’re in booth 500 — and see how that’s changing. Learn about our new technology that is changing how architects and product design teams bring their vision to reality. See live demonstrations showing how users can visualize their creations with physically based rendering. And learn how they’re sharing materials between applications and collaborating with design teams on the other side of the desk or the other side of the world.

Plus, we’ll have an area to show how companies are using our latest virtual reality technologies. See how Ford is using VR in product design. Strap on a headset to experience how WETA Digital is using VR to create deeply immersive movies.

While you’re there, ask how to get a chance to win an NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV box by participating in our “Real or Rendered” competition.

In our booth’s Best of GTC Theater, we’ll feature a dozen talks each day, including NVIDIA experts, partners and customers like Dassault Systems, Harley-Davidson, Pixar and Saatchi & Saatchi. They’ll share how they are incorporating NVIDIA’s latest tools and technologies for design visualization.

Our Best of GTC Theater is open to all attendees Tuesday through Thursday.

Get the full schedule here.

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  • Ladislav Dobrovský

    please, are you kidding me? WHY are you showing the difference between real and rendered with a GIF that has 256 colors in pallete!!! and the resolution isn’t great either!
    also the image is resized in the browser, again loosing quality. You can do better, NVIDIA…

  • tetridae

    I agree. In another place linking to this one a heavily compressed JPEG image was used for the same picture. Really unprofessional…

  • Nicholas Perry

    Because it’s the web and they think people don’t care, plus it saves them precious KB of space! KBs man! /sarcasm

    The Linked JPG however at least is full 4:4:4 and based on my looking at the JPG itself is “JPEG, quality: 98”

    So it’s hardly that bad.

  • Nicholas Perry

    It’s not actually all that compressed. If it were, more jpg artifacts would be visible around everything. Just look at the overlaid text and banners. If it was really compressed, then those would be extremely visibly compressed.

  • Brian Caulfield

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve updated this post with the biggest version of this file I can get my hands on. Click on the image to get a good look.

  • spacemonkey82

    What rendering software was this rendered with?

  • Jeremy Smith

    Hhhmmm…..there still seems to be some time left to run on this one….the light/shadow surface diffusion for example….take a look at the light cast from the skylight for example….