Vulkan, SHIELD to Get Starring Role at 3D Graphics Talk

by Brian Caulfield

Our new SHIELD Android TV entertainment device will play a starring role Wednesday during Khronos Group’s 3D Graphics API “State of the Union” at the SIGGRAPH graphics conference in Los Angeles.


NVIDIA’s Piers Daniell will show Cadscene, a stunning demo that shows an incredibly detailed digital model of a BMW created on CATIA’s computer-aided design tools at a meeting sponsored by the Khronos graphics industry consortium.

The demo will rely on Vulkan, a new graphics API that promises to give developers a single standard they can use to unlock the graphics capabilities of modern CPUs and GPUs.

Google’s Android mobile OS became the latest to embrace Vulkan, the Khronos Group announced Sunday. Vulkan will become the primary graphics API for Android.

Daniell will demonstrate the technology on both a Windows 10 laptop and SHIELD.

The demo will be part of an update on the Khronos family of 3D APIs, including OpenGL, OpenGL ES and the Vulkan 3D API.

Neil Trevett, Khronos Group president and an NVIDIA vice president of engineering, will kick off the discussion. And NVIDIA Senior Director and OpenGL Chair Barthold Lichtenbelt will speak on the latest OpenGL update.

NVIDIA’s Piers Daniell will show Cadscene, a stunning new demo that shows an incredibly detailed digital model of a BMW created on Catia’s computer-aided design tools at a meeting sponsored by the Khronos graphics industry consortium.

NVIDIA also released driver support for a baker’s dozen of new OpenGL extensions this week, as well as support for OpenGL ES 3.2 for both Windows and Linux. SHIELD support for these standards will come with the next over-the-air update.

The “3D Graphics API State of the Union with Vulkan, OpenGL, and OpenGL ES” will be held Wednesday between 5:30 and 7:30 pm at the JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. Live Platinum Ballroom, Salon F-H.

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  • Mehmed

    I think we will see this:

    Tegra 7 (X2) in 2016
    Maybe 3 SMM aka 384 Shader or just some bumps in Mhz.
    Maybe a72 Cores instead of a57 Cores.
    Or Quadcore Denver 2.0
    Maybe 14nm finfet or 16nm finfet.

    Tegra 8 (P1) in 2017
    384-512 Pascal Shader Cores
    Maybe 10nm finfet instead of 14nm
    A72 Cores without big Little as 8 big ones
    Or Denver 2.1 Quadcore up to Octacore

    Tegra 9 (P2) in 2018
    512 or more Pascal Cores.
    10nm finfet TSMC or Samsung.
    ARM Ares Cores (nextgen) or
    Denver 3.0 Cores.

    Tegra 10 (V1) in 2019
    7nm TSMC finfet.
    768-1024 Volta Cores
    Ares of Boulder? Cores

    What do you think?

  • Mehmed

    Tegra 9 could Outperform Xbox One.
    Tegra 10 will Outperform both Xbox One and PS4!
    After that we might get a PS5 and Xbox 720.