This is Going to Get Messy: ‘Killing Floor 2’ Adds NVIDIA FleX

by David Hensley

This is an exciting day here at Tripwire Interactive. We’ve added a huge patch to the early access build of Killing Floor 2 that we’re calling the “Incinerate ‘N Detonate” update. With it comes a bunch of cool new content that players in our beta are raving about.

In this update we’ve brought back two fan favorite classes: the Firebug and Demolition perks, complete with their signature weaponry, as well as two new maps, Evacuation Point and Catacombs.

And now there’s even more firepower at your disposal. You get dual 9mm pistols, C4 explosives, the Dragon’s Breath trench gun, flamethrowers, RPG launchers, and a microwave rifle. Players who own Chivalry: Medieval Warfare can even unlock a Zweihander. You can check out the full run-down here.

Blood and Guts

What pairs better with over a dozen new weapons than a violent hail of blood and guts? With this update we’re cranking up the enhancements of our M.E.A.T. (Massive Evisceration And Trauma) system we teased at E3 this year. NVIDIA GeForce owners are going to be able to dial the gore up to 11 with new “Gibs” and “Gibs & Fluid” settings found under NVIDIA FleX in our settings menu.

When NVIDIA showed us their demo of the capabilities of FleX, we knew immediately that we could turn this new particle system technology into a bloodbath. Literally! We’ve always featured blood and guts in our Killing Floor games, but this time it’s different. With the help of NVIDIA FleX technology, we’ve taken the gore to a new level.

FleX arrived in our offices as a middleware, but it was much more than that. It came with tools to help us easily implement new systems, and NVIDIA lent their expertise in tweaking them as needed.

With FleX we’ve added some fantastic effects to our game — effects that will make Killing Floor 2 stand out — and we did it with minimal effort. To start with, FleX worked pretty well as soon as we plugged it in. And NVIDIA helped turn the dials and reach our vision for the “Gibs and Fluids” setting.  

As a smallish developer, adding these kinds of effects can make a huge difference. And making it easy for us to use is critical. Without NVIDIA’s help and FleX technology, the “Gibs & Fluids” setting would not exist in its current form.

The impact FleX has had on Killing Floor 2 is stunning. Blood has volume. It pools and drips realistically, squirting from the stumps of severed limbs and busted skulls. The Zeds wade through knee-high piles of flesh and gore that interact with them and their special abilities. It’s not just pretty to look at, it changes our game.

We’re ecstatic with the results of our work with NVIDIA FleX. We know that our players will be, too.

You can grab Killing Floor 2 through Steam Early Access for under $30.

Preview still of Killing Floor 2 with NVIDIA FleX technology
Gorified update: Killing Floor 2 uses NVIDIA FleX technology to boost the bloodbath.