The Future’s Already Here: NVIDIA SHIELD Streams Stunning Sea of Content

by Chris Daniel

You’ve heard the rumors. Something new is coming Sept. 9. But the features you want in a next-gen streamer are already here.

Wireless remote with voice integration? Check. Universal voice and cross-app search? Check. Ability to download games from a dedicated TV app store? Check. How about a mobile OS with a user interface optimized for TV? Been there, done that.

It’s a 4K video-streaming set-top box that doubles as a gaming console.”
— Dave Gershgorn,  Popular Science

Speculation is that this new set-top box will resemble the NVIDIA SHIELD. “[I]nstead of focusing almost exclusively on streaming video it’d be a SHIELD TV-like box that can handle gaming and other tasks suited to the big screen,” wrote one outlet.

We’re still at the beginning of the smart TV revolution, but there’s no better glimpse of what it’s like than our NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV box.

Powering its magic is the world’s most advanced mobile processor, the Tegra X1. Everyone wants their tablet, phone and TV to respond immediately. Snappiness matters. And the Tegra X1 — with its 256-core NVIDIA GPU and 64-bit CPU — helps make SHIELD the most advanced smart TV platform ever created. As one journalist noted, “you’ll never hit an Internet speed bump.”

Consider that SHIELD:

  • Delivers up to 30x the performance of other streaming devices, including a new class of games never before possible on Android.
  • Is the only major smart TV device that supports 4K — the ultra-high def standard built into the next generation of TVs — and the growing library of on-demand 4K content from Netflix and YouTube.
  • Uses Google Voice to quickly access content with voice search and commands — using the SHIELD remote and SHIELD controller.
  • Has Google Cast technology already built in, allowing you to cast your favorite entertainment and apps from your Android or iOS phone directly to your TV, without requiring an additional Chromecast dongle
NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV with remote and controller
SHIELD is built to keep you entertained.

You can already experience amazing gaming on SHIELD — next-gen Android games, NVIDIA GRID cloud games, and PC games with NVIDIA GameStream.

SHIELD is a full-fledged media entertainment center. It’s ideal for apps like Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) — a free, award-winning software media center app that allows users to enjoy TV shows, movies, pictures, music, and other digital media from local or network storage and the internet.

Not Even Close

Aside from the instant gratification SHIELD delivers, it’ll be even more useful as new apps and games get created for Android TV.

Developers are continuously adding apps to Android, which already represents 70 percent of the mobile market. Think Android — the world’s largest app ecosystem, entirely open and the center of your mobile life — connected to your TV.

It’s the apps, games and content you love — hit shows, blockbuster movies, live sports, news and viral videos — all experienced from the comfort of your couch and accessible from the Google Play store.

More than 800 apps are already available for Android TV and its flagship device, SHIELD. All in an open ecosystem that highlights individuality, even through custom launchers for your SHIELD TV box.

That’s why SHIELD offers you performance other media-streaming devices can’t even touch.

Chart showing relative performance of SHIELD Apple TV Roku Fire TV and Nexus Player

But don’t take it from us. One reporter noted that “what we’re looking at here is twice as fast (or more) than the best phones and tablets today ….” Another wrote, “the Tegra X1-powered Shield packs some serious graphical prowess that far surpasses any mobile device we’ve tested thus far.”

Future Proof

That won’t change. One reviewer who benchmarked NVIDIA SHIELD found it was almost twice as fast as the iPad Air 2’s A8X processor — the chip rumored to power the new Apple TV.

So get ready for tomorrow, today. Order NVIDIA SHIELD at, the Google Store, Amazon and Then load it up with great content and enjoy.