It’s an End Users’ World: VMware Demos NVIDIA GRID at VMworld

by Will Wade

Any app, any device, anywhere.

VMware drove this message home at its annual VMworld conference in San Francisco this week by showing how NVIDIA GRID technologies enable a regular laptop to access powerful, workstation-class, computer-aided design software.

The timing couldn’t have been better, as businesses are hustling to adopt cloud-based technologies. Nearly two-thirds of them plan to put a core business process on mobile devices in the immediate future, according to a recent VMware study. And less than half now require employees to work with company-owned devices.

NVIDIA Tower of Power demo at VMworld 2015
Tower of Power: NVIDIA GRID 2.0 pushing more pixels per second than there are people on the planet, at VMworld 2015.

Support for the latest version of our NVIDIA GRID vGPU technology was among the host of new VMware technologies that will make it easier for businesses to deliver visually rich applications to phones, tablets and laptops.

Our new NVIDIA GRID 2.0 platform announced earlier this week will play a key role. This graphics virtualization technology offers double the user density and double the application performance over the previous version. It also offers support for blade servers and the Linux operating system.

We offered VMworld’s 23,000 attendees an opportunity to see this combination in action on a massive scale at our booth on the show floor. Our 16-foot-tall, four-sided “Tower of Power” showcased how GRID 2.0 technology can put any application on any device.

All the apps on the display — created from 336 micro-tiles grouped into 56 desk-sized displays ran on VMware Horizon virtual machines powered by four HP blades. Each of the four blade servers can run four of our new Tesla M6 GPUs. And each blade server can run 16 virtual machines.

That gives us the power to support a total of 64 different virtual desktops per blade server. And proof that we can support yours.