Elemental Technologies, Acquired by Amazon, Is Latest GPU Startup Success

by Alain Tiquet

Another GPU startup has hit the jackpot.

Amazon’s acquisition of Elemental Technologies for a reported $500 million, according to The Information, marks the latest example of a GPU-based startup that’s gone on to greatness.

Elemental uses GPUs to convert TV content into digital formats for mobile viewing. Its customers include ABC, CBS, BBC, ESPN, Comcast, HBO and major sporting events including the Olympics.

Followers of our annual Emerging Companies Summit, in Silicon Valley, may remember Elemental. It appeared there four times, winning a top award in 2012.

Elemental joins a growing list of Summit alums that attracted eye-popping buyouts. Among them: Oculus Rift (acquired by Facebook for $2 billion), Natural Motion (acquired by Zynga for $527 million), Gaikai (acquired by Sony for $380 million), and Keyhole (the progenitor of Google Earth, acquired by Google for an undisclosed amount).

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