3 Ways SHIELD Gives You More Options Than Other Living Room Devices (Including Apple’s)

by Matt Wuebbling

Great games. Great entertainment apps. Voice commands.

If you’re thinking about buying a next-gen smart TV console after hearing about the new Apple TV, we have good news: You’ve got options.

We introduced our own next-gen smart TV console — NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV — back in May. And it offers extraordinary capabilities.

SHIELD Android TV Controller Remote
SHIELD comes bundled with a console-quality controller.

SHIELD offers 3x more performance, plus more features and more ways to game. It’s still the only smart TV console that can stream 4K content. And — thanks to its support for Chromecast — it connects your mobile devices directly to your living room display.

Let’s break this down …

The Best Choice for Gamers

SHIELD gives you more ways to game than anything else on the market. Consider:

  • More kinds of games: SHIELD plays casual games — like Crossy Bird — with ease. Its 256-core Tegra X1 processor gives it the power to do much more. It allows you to play a huge collection of console-class games. Games like Never Alone, Talos Principle and Contrast that offer the kind of immersion gamers demand.
  • Games from the cloud: SHIELD also lets you stream games from our GRID cloud gaming service. Just click to play high-end PC games like GRID Autosport, Batman: Arkham Origins and Lego Marvel Super Heroes.
  • A real controller: You can play all these games with our console-class SHIELD controller, which comes bundled with every SHIELD. It offers dual analog sticks, dual triggers, a fistful of buttons and, thanks to Wi-Fi Direct, great responsiveness. And those are just the highlights. If you’re a gamer, you’ll feel right at home.

The Only Choice for 4K

Own a 4K television? Thinking of making the upgrade? You’re not alone. By 2018, consumers will own more than 100 million ultra-high definition 4K TVs. And SHIELD remains the only media streamer that supports 4K content. There’s plenty of content already available — from both Netflix and YouTube — and plenty more coming.

The Logical Choice for Chromecast

If you’ve got an Android phone or tablet, SHIELD’s the best way to bring Android to the living room. With Chromecast built into SHIELD, you can put your entertainment and apps from your Android or iOS phone directly on your TV at a snappy 1080p 60Hz.

And Android gives developers access to powerful capabilities. For example, SHIELD uses Google Voice with cross-app search. That lets you quickly access content using the SHIELD remote and SHIELD controller. Simply use Google Voice to give commands, like “Launch Netflix.” Just like on your Android phone.

So, when you’re looking at your options, just tick through them. SHIELD supports 4K displays. It brings more games — from more places — to your living room. And it connects to Android, the biggest app ecosystem out there. There are now more than 800 apps for SHIELD, including Netflix 4K, MLB.TV, CBS Sports, FOX Sports, Hulu Plus and Sling TV.

It’s good to have options, and SHIELD gives you more of them than any other smart TV console.