Virtual Reality, Real Art: Artists Compete in NVIDIA VR Contest at Pax Prime

by Jason Paul

NVIDIA, Valve, Google and HTC brought together six gaming-industry artists to compete at this month’s PAX Prime event, in Seattle. But there was a twist.

They had to paint in virtual reality.

Each had 30 minutes to work with HTC’s Vive VR headset and a Google VR painting application called Tilt Brush at NVIDIA’s PAX booth.

Tilt Brush uses the HTC Vive’s unique hand controllers and positional tracking to allow artists to paint in three dimensions. The software includes a remarkable digital palette, letting users draw GPU-powered real-time effects like fire, smoke and light.

To be fully immersed in their environment, artists wore HTC’s VR headset. Powered by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU, HTC Vive engrossed the artists in a virtual reality world displayed at a resolution of 1200-by-1080 pixels per eye and 90 frames per second.

Artists came from across the game industry and included Chandana Ekanayake from Uber Entertainment, Lee Petty from Double Fine Productions, Michael Shilliday from Whiterend Creative, Mike Krahulik from Penny Arcade, Sarah Northway from Northway Games and Tristan Reidford from Valve.

Check out the video of the artists painting, and their amazing creations:

Besides being a whole lot of fun, Tilt Brush is a great example of how VR is enabling amazing experiences beyond the world of gaming.

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