NVIDIA-Powered ‘Bullet Train’ VR Demo Tears Roof Off Oculus Connect 2

by Brian Caulfield

The doors to the train slide open. Swarms of heavily armed opponents await.  You fight them off with everything from your fists to a gesture-based pump-action shotgun.

Finally, you face off with a menacing drone that bursts through the ceiling, slowing down time to pluck missiles out of the air and hurl them back at your robotic opponent.

And it’s all generated in real time. It’s all playable. It’s all amazing. Epic Games’ Bullet Train demo has redefined what virtual reality can do — again.

Bullet Train lets you slow down the action, with just a gesture.

Making a guest appearance at Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe’s keynote at the VR company’s Connect 2 conference in Hollywood, Calif., Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney unveiled his company’s latest jaw-dropping VR demo.

Powered by our NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti GPUs and based on Epic’s Unreal Engine technology, Bullet Train shows what can happen when storytelling and new technology intersect.

Bullet Train is amazing,” Iribe told the cheering Connect 2 audience after they got a taste of Epic’s demo with a quick video clip. “It’s one of the most inspiring, incredible experiences I have ever tried in VR.”

Taking advantage of Oculus Rift and the next-gen Oculus Touch gesture-based input device — both shipping next year — the demo immerses gamers in the action in unprecedented ways.

Epic’s latest demo can run on a new generation of just announced GeForce GTX 980 notebooks.

You can zap from one point in the sprawling game world to any other with a simple gesture. You can slow time down — with a gesture — and hurl bullets back at your opponents.

Even more amazing, Epic’s latest demo can run on a new generation of just announced GeForce GTX 980 notebooks, giving developers and gamers access to next-generation VR experiences on the go.

The demo will be a highlight of Connect 2, with conference goers getting an opportunity to strap on a headset and get inspired.

Epic’s tools are already used in scores of notable games from a plethora of top developers. Sweeney highlighted how they can now use GPUs and the latest VR hardware to create VR experiences that blend immersive action and cinematic visuals.

Bullet Train is only the latest in a long list of legendary demos Epic has created that have redefined gaming.

“We’ve created an entirely new experience that uses the Oculus Touch control of location to deliver a real-world scale VR experience,” Sweeney said.

Bullet Train is only the latest in a long list of demos Epic has created that have redefined gaming. And it’s just the latest in a long string that have been powered by our GPUs.

Expect more great demos to come.

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  • Julien Green

    Auto AIM for the win…

  • Anony Anonymous

    They killed with “vr” for gtx 970.

  • Judge_Chip

    Thank you Epic Games for Delivering VR that Biggest Bang for your GPU Buck and Performance Per Watt Champ Maxwell 970 can run, gamers can throw their Watt Sucking ReBranded 290/390 in the Watt Wasting Dumpster called EBay and invest in a cool calm efficient 970/980.

  • Brian Caulfield

    You raise a good question, in a playful way: what’s the right balance of realism and arcade style action for VR? It’s going to be fascinating to see developers create new kinds of game mechanics for VR over the next few years.