The New Way to Game: The Future of Cloud Gaming Begins with GeForce NOW

by Andrew Fear

You listen to music on Spotify. You watch movies on Netflix. Instant gaming gratification should always be a button press away, too.

That’s why we’re introducing the GeForce NOW on-demand gaming service for our SHIELD family of gaming devices.

Discover, Click, Play, Repeat

Forget waiting for hours for games to download. Stream the latest titles from our powerful cloud-gaming supercomputers in an instant. With our streaming technology, epic games such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are never more than 30 seconds away.



GeForce NOW is your game library in the sky. See all the titles we offer from a game series at a glance — like the LEGO collection or the Batman Arkham series — for binge gaming. Use voice search to find your favorite games. Search through games by category. Or quickly browse the latest and most popular games.

Next-Gen Quality

GeForce NOW is the first cloud-gaming service to stream at full high-definition 1080p quality and at 60 frames per second. Membership costs just $7.99 a month with the first three months free. GeForce NOW arrives on Oct. 1 in North America, the European Union and Japan with more than 50 popular games included. And it offers members the option to buy and play many more in an instant.

Get the Latest GeForce Gaming Technology with a Single Click

GeForce NOW is all about instant gratification. But it took us a decade to invent the technology behind the service that streams GeForce GTX-quality graphics to SHIELD devices.

GeForce NOW is a service designed, built and operated all by NVIDIA. We’ve optimized every piece of the technology behind GeForce NOW for gaming. That includes the low-latency game controller we built for SHIELD. The Tegra processors we built for our SHIELD devices. The advanced game engine we built into our GeForce GTX-powered servers.

So you’ll enjoy games at their best. You’ll enjoy GameWorks enhancements for special effects. And your experience will get better every year as we build more powerful GPUs and gaming technologies into GeForce NOW.

Think of GeForce NOW as your gaming supercomputer in the cloud. Next-gen gaming is now easy and instant.

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  • Shah Raaj Kahlon

    I am getting it, been waiting for it since the last 2 months.

  • Wookie Groomer

    Experimenting with the Xbox One streaming to my Win10 PC with a wired 1GB network at home is more often still a blocky, unplayable mess at the ultra setting which is suppose to be 1080p/60. I can’t possibly believe Nvidia can pull this off with pristine, full screen anti aliasing at 1080p/60 over the net and have it perform as good as a locally installed games with no lag. I just can’t believe it will be that good.


    I have the nvidia shield and I live in the east coast of Canada and I have to say it’s actually pretty good. I have noticed it does lag from time to time but as of right now I still have only a 30mbps connection. As of a few hours from now I will have my gigabit connection installed and I’ll get back to you on weather is still an issue.

  • DigitalSyrup

    Go gigabit fibre 🙂 i’m upgrading tonight as well. Gotta love Bell Aliant!

    Should be interesting how this works. Now that OnLive is out of the picture.

  • orangina2k

    Same here, it works really well.

  • Derceto

    Awesome. When I wanna play games in a display format that was popular 8 years ago, delivered in a compressed and artifacted stream, I just might give this a look. In the meantime, I’ll stick with 4K………. until 8K comes around. Thanks anyways.

  • Datriax

    lol is streaming still a thing? When will people realize that streaming will never, EVER, be even remotely as good as local rendering?

  • LJAY .

    I have it also and streaming has worked well for me also. and not taking up space to download works for me since sdcard support sucks

  • Sin Lee

    You don’t need a Gigabit connection to enjoy it. You do need the right router, though. That means having support for the 5Ghz band. With all the right hardware in place, the service is flawless.

    I tested it on a 15Mbps connection at 1080P 60FPS. No lag, artifact compression, stutters, etc. It felt like the game was being played directly from the source PC.

  • Sin Lee

    Looks like someone hasn’t even bothered to give it a hands on before knocking on it.

    It could very well be the next big thing in gaming. As the technology improves and the hardware get more powerful, we may see Nvidia upgrade their supercomputer to support 4K @ 60fps with H.265 gaming delivered to a 4K screen on a dongle connected to your TV. No more expensive PC Gaming Rigs to enjoy gaming at it’s highest quality.

  • Wookie Groomer

    I play on a 60″ flat panel. Maybe you just have a small enough TV that you can’t notice it.

  • Aaron A

    Even if it’s not as good, what if it’s close enough?

  • LarZen

    I am really interested in this. My worry is that Norway is to far away from any data centers?

  • pandusen

    A full quality Blue-ray’s data rate, is 40Mbs. Something that no gaming service will be clocked at. So you gain nothing with a 1000Mbs connection. 20Mbs is all you ever need, for the current services, If your router and ISP is realiable. the size of your screen has nothing to do with it. It could be a 200″ screen, it is still a stream of 1080p.

    It has to do with compression tasks and server capacity, maybe MS just didnt put the required server power into it. Also, the Nvidia devices have some powerful hardware decoders, which takes the strain from the device, when uncompressing the data. Or perhaps your ISP just flatout sucks.

  • mikeku

    now Work with TV manufactures to include Tegra chip on their device and you will have a huge plataform … and maybe your stock will raise to 700 usd ….

  • mikeku

    if you haven’t play any game on a nvidia shield don’t talk about “artifacted streaming” we don’t really know how they do it , but this is like real games on your computer !!!

  • Sin Lee

    LG 65″ 240Hz Ultra HDTV 4K @ 60hz.

  • Wookie Groomer

    Are we talking about the Xbox One streaming to PC or the Shield? Because I am referring to the poor streaming performance of the Xbox One to the PC on a wired network.

  • Stephen Severino

    . Most games are still played at 1080p.

    2. 4K displays and hardware generally cost much more than the Shield. Moreover, the Shield just became the only console that supports 4K gaming.

    3. There are few–if any– artifacts when played on a fast, stable connection. While many people may not have such a connection, there are plenty who do. And those of us who have used the service on such a connection have been surprised and pleased with how well this works.

  • walid fathi wilis


  • Sin Lee

    Nvidia Shield Console. Since you “can’t possibly believe Nvidia can pull this off with pristine, full screen anti aliasing at 1080p/60 over the net and have it perform as good as a locally installed games with no lag. I just can’t believe it will be that good.”

    Thus I am telling you it is that good. Nvidia optimize their products, unlike M$ with their XB1

  • Gilbert Nicks

    Wookie Groomer. Im wired had only ran into a few instances of blocky issues. You also have to understand the xbox one is a console first.. also the console is able to stream like this due to the video chip they added to allow you to stream to twitch and perform game DVR. (no idea if remot gaming was on the original plan so dont know if it was designed to shrink the video packets small enough for fast response. Maybe the W10 update on xbox one will fix it) Lets also remember this feature is in BETA.

    now on the Shield (dont own one only did this with a android tablet not a shield tablet) Runs very well… still had some fuzy screen every now and then but not very often. and this is my Rig running the game and streaming not a GRID server. So im sure Nvidia has it in the bag and im sure MS will have it all figure out soon… Plus MS Azure is now working with GRID 2.0 hardware.

  • Gilbert Nicks

    Sin Lee M$ just put that feature in under Beta… Give it time… Just like Shield had streaming issues when it was in Alpha and beta… it just takes time. (Gforce Now is run on Servers. MS streaming is on your xbox console. Big diffrence in hardware to handle video compressions)

  • Gilbert Nicks

    It would be awesome if they added a 2nd tier like they discussed but instead of 720-1080 60fps would be 1080-4k then systems like the Shield TV and standard desktops/laptops that can run 4k video but cant handle ULTRA 4k gaming could get that experince… If they allowed me to sync my pruchases to the grid that would be epic.

  • Sin Lee

    Own the original Shield Portable too when it got released. Didn’t have any issues with the Grid Beta.

    You have to remember Nvidia designed and made the Shield products line for streaming. M$ didn’t with the XB1.

  • Mraz

    Will they ever get some good sports game on this service? I’m all in but I need some NBA,NFL,NHL to complete this. Nvidia have you considered it at least?

  • Stephen Severino

    You’d need a heck of a connection to make this happen. I believe they will add it in the future, but I don’t see it happening anytime in the next year.

    As far as syncing purchases to GeForce Now, that’s not going to happen. There are way too many games for their servers to handle all of that. Even Netflix and Amazon don’t do this. You can’t buy a BluRay and have NEtflix synch it. Sometimes, Amazon gives download codes for disc purchases, but Nvidia is already doing that with some games on GeForce Now.

  • Jesse Jasko

    The only problem I can see with this is you won’t be able to play a lot of AAA shooters like, COD, BF, RSS, CS:GO, etc. It’s more about casual action games. But I do like the idea of this, but fearful that it could be another “OnLive” fail. Time will tell though.

  • Hobojo153

    No but you could just sell the extra key.

  • Hobojo153

    Google fiber.

  • eleyzam

    hello, i need help for contact for buy nvidia VCA, with GRID and xendesktop. please my mail is