Gaming on a Gig: Google Fiber and SHIELD Serve up GeForce NOW with Dazzling Speed

by Doug MacMillan

If you’re consuming streaming media, we built the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV box for you.

But you want more than music, movies and apps; you want the Netflix of games, backed by powerful cloud-gaming supercomputers streaming AAA blockbuster titles straight to your TV. That’s where GeForce NOW, our revolutionary new service, comes in.

Completing the trio of speed is Google Fiber, the broadband service capable of delivering this gaming and entertainment experience at some of the fastest speeds around.

SHIELD is ready to stream games, or the latest entertainment.
SHIELD is ready to stream games, or the latest entertainment.

It’s the perfect match. So we’re working with Google Fiber to offer SHIELD to Fiber customers in Provo, Utah, Kansas City, Kansas, Kansas City, Missouri, and Austin, Texas.

Gigabit Internet Is Here, SHIELD Is Ready

Google Fiber enables super-fast downloads and the ability to watch 150+ TV channels and tens of thousands of shows and movies on-demand. Gigabit speed offers new opportunities to push the boundaries of what’s possible on the web, from streaming to gaming to innovative applications. With SHIELD’s gigabit Ethernet port and a Google Fiber connection, you can seamlessly stream your favorite content — whether it’s a new season of your favorite Netflix show in Ultra HD or the hottest new PC game on GeForce NOW.

And there’s plenty of bandwidth to spare for all the rest of your devices at home.

Next-Gen Gaming Is Here, GeForce NOW Is Ready

GeForce NOW is your game library in the sky. Stream the latest titles from our powerful cloud-gaming supercomputers in an instant. Access and play a complete game series at a glance — whether it’s Lego or Batman — for binge gaming. Use voice search to find your favorite games. Search through games by category. GeForce NOW will also recommend games for you based on your favorites.

Available today, GeForce NOW starts at just $7.99 a month, with the first three months free. And it comes with all-you-can-game access to more than 50 included titles plus a host of premium options.

See It for Yourself

Explore the possibilities for bringing blazing-fast internet to your place at a Google Fiber Space.

If you’re located near one of the Google Fiber Spaces, come experience SHIELD live and discover the ultimate living room combo — gigabit internet paired with the best media streaming and gaming experience available. Stop by one of these spaces today, Oct. 1, and join Google Fiber and NVIDIA for live demos, prizes and giveaways.