4 More Reasons to Get SHIELD Android TV

by Chris Daniel

Build a product. Launch a product. Done. SHIELD isn’t like that.

Because it’s built on Android — the world’s largest open app ecosystem — new entertainment apps are arriving for SHIELD Android TV all the time. So are new games. All the while Google is updating the capabilities of its Android TV platform.

So there’s always something new for SHIELD. Here’s the latest:           

Watch More

SHIELD brings TV and Android together in a device that’s the first of its kind to support ultra-high-def 4K displays. That’s made it a magnet for new entertainment apps like these:

  • Disney Movies Anywhere – The Disney Movies Anywhere app allows you to watch your Disney movie collection across your favorite devices, anywhere you go.
  • SHOWTIME Watch what’s airing live on SHOWTIME or get unlimited on-demand access to every season of award-winning SHOWTIME Original Series, movies, documentaries, comedy specials and sports.
  • Pluto TV – Pluto TV keeps adding new content to its already packed list of offerings. New channels include AwesomenessTV, Cracked, DHX Media, EuroArts, Just For Laughs, NowThis, The Onion and World Poker Tour.

Play More

SHIELD is no ordinary streaming box. Its Tegra X1 mobile processor — with a 256-core NVIDIA GPU and a 64-bit CPU — gives it the power to run a huge variety of games. Here are a few of the latest:

  • Contrast Contrast is a puzzle/platform game, also available on PC and next-gen consoles, where you move between a fantastic 3D world and a mysterious shadowy universe in 2D in the blink of an eye.
  • Pix the Cat – Ported from PC with love on SHIELD by Playdigious and developed by the French studio Pastagames, who created the excellent Rayman Jungle Run. Pix the Cat is an acclaimed arcade game that will challenge your reflexes and your wits.
  • Heckabomb – This twin-stick shooter for NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV has varied levels based in a circular arena and a host of upgradeable stats, including bullet spread, rate of fire, turbo boosters and magnetic collectors.

(Game) Stream More in 4K

Android games not enough? We’re now bringing GameStream in 4K to your SHIELD Android TV. Our GameStream technology lets you stream games, via an ethernet connection, from your GeForce GTX-powered PC to your SHIELD TV at 4K 60 frames per second.

We’re also continuing to optimize and support 4K and 5.1 surround sound for compatible games. Find out more with our GeForce BETA README in the GeForce forums.

Discover More

As more content arrives for Android TV, Google is rearranging its Google Play Store with new features to make room — and help users easily find their way through a burgeoning inventory of apps.

The revamped Play Store on Android TV showcases the best apps and games, so you’ll be able to see what other Android TV users are enjoying.

The Games home page will focus on gamers — both casual and hardcore — who enter the Play Store on Android TV. The new features promote discoverability of games in the store.

These Google Play enhancements will roll out to all customers over the next 10 days, and will ensure you’ll always be able to see what’s hot. So grab it and get back to enjoying great content on SHIELD.