NVIDIA Enhances Parental Leave Benefit, Making It Easier to Balance Family and Career

by David Shannon

We shouldn’t have to trade off between having a great family life and having a great career. Both should be achievable.

To help put that balance within reach, we’re improving NVIDIA’s parental leave benefit.

Birth mothers will now receive 22 weeks of fully paid leave. Fathers and adoptive and foster parents will receive 12 weeks of fully paid leave. And both will get a further 8 weeks of flex time, so they can work from home or during alternative hours.

Few times in life are more rewarding than welcoming a new arrival into the family, and we want to ensure our employees are able to fully enjoy it.

We are rolling this out now in the U.S., and working with our international HR teams to provide similar benefits for our employees elsewhere.

NVIDIA is committed to creating a culture and environment that allows us to focus on our most important responsibilities, both at work and at home. This new leave benefit is another step towards that goal.

You can see how our new benefit compares with the old one in the accompanying chart.

NVIDIA parental leave policy
NVIDIA’s new parental leave policy allows new parents to focus on their most important responsibilities, both at work and at home.