Kespry Shows How Jetson TX1-Powered Drones Can Keep an Eye on Construction Sites

by Brian Caulfield

Construction zones can appear chaotic. Workers using bulldozers, diggers and other oversized vehicles swarm a site with the aim to blow up, tear down or build something or other.

Tracking what’s going on isn’t just an accounting problem. It’s a safety issue.

Kespry, a Silicon Valley startup, builds commercial-grade drone systems designed to address just that.

Data captured by their drones is immediately uploaded to Kespry’s cloud and quickly analyzed to give managers a better idea of what’s going on. Kespry’s commercial-grade drone systems allow a business to capture, view and analyze aerial imagery and survey data using its automated and proprietary drone technology.

One of its promising prototype drones incorporates the Jetson TX1. Introduced last week, Jetson TX1 is a superfast, credit card-sized supercomputing module that harnesses the power of machine learning to enable a new generation of smart and autonomous devices.

With more than one teraflops of computing capability, the Jetson TX1-equipped prototype drone can analyze the data it’s collecting in real time. Armed with a fleet of Jetson TX1-powered drones, Kespry Founder and CEO Paul Doersch imagines his drones giving managers the kind of real-time, God’s eye view now enjoyed by gamers.

“Think of it as ‘Age of Empires’ for your construction site,” said Doersch, referencing a popular real-time strategy game.

Jetson TX1 promises to unleash new capabilities for millions of smart devices. Those capabilities include drones that fly autonomously; compact security surveillance systems that don’t just scan crowds but identify suspicious activity; and robots that can tailor tasks to individuals’ habits. Jetson can do this because its advanced GPU allows it to incorporate capabilities such as machine learning, computer vision and navigation.

Those capabilities enabled Kespry to demonstrate how Jetson TX1-equipped drones could be used to track the vehicles at an open-air construction site in real time. Having an eye in the sky to keep people and vehicles out of harm’s way is one reason why Kespry’s drones are in serious demand right now. And why commercial drones powered by Jetson TX1 have nowhere to go but up.