How to Customize Your Android TV Home Screen

by Brian Choi

Fans of the SHIELD Android TV Streaming Media Player have been clamoring for a way to customize the apps on the Home screen. One of the many features that fans and reviewers alike have been asking for, well, it seems that your wishes have been granted. The latest version of Google’s Android TV Launcher app does just that. Below are the simple steps to customizing the home screen of your SHIELD Android TV player exactly the way you’d like it.

Step 1: Install the Android TV Launcher app

Step 2: Once installed head over to the Home Screen on your SHIELD.

Step 3: Choose Settings and then Home Screen

Step 4: From there choose Apps and games

Step 5: Choose Reorder apps now

Step 6: Use the D-pad to select and move the app

Use the D-pad to choose the app and then use the A-button to select the app. Once the app is chosen use the D-pad to move it to the desired location. You can also Uninstall apps from here.

Step 7: Once you’re pleased with the order of your apps choose “Save and Exit.”

There you have it! Your SHIELD Android TV home screen is customized and exactly the way you like it.

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