S’more to It: SHIELD Tablet K1 Gets Android 6.0 Marshmallow

by Jordan Dodge

It’s time to enjoy the updated features and functionality that Android 6.0 Marshmallow brings to SHIELD tablet K1, the ultimate tablet for gamers.

SHIELD tablet K1 features a blistering-fast 192-core GPU, full HD 1080p display and dual front-facing speakers. So it offers more ways to game. Download the slew of SHIELD-optimized Android games playable natively. Or hit PC titles streaming from our cloud gaming service, GeForce NOW.

It’s all packed into a sleek, 8-inch form factor for just $199.

We recently showed SHIELD tablet K1 running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Today, our Software Upgrade 1.0 brings Android 6.0, and s’more, to our higher performance tablet. Let’s dive in.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Upgrades

  • Now on Tap This new feature from Google anticipates what you need, the moment you need it. With a simple tap, you’ll be able to quickly find information related to what you are seeing on the screen, as well as inside an app.
  • Adoptable Storage – Expandable storage moves internal. MicroSD cards can now be integrated with main internal storage, auto managed by the system, cutting out the need to manage where apps and files are stored. This replaces SHIELD’s move to SD functionality.
  • Improved App Permissions – Permissions are now managed centrally, meaning you have more freedom to grant access as you wish.
  • App Standby – Battery life is a big factor when choosing a device. App Standby can improve it in a big way. App Standby will automatically put an app into a standby state based on when you last used it, pausing network access and sync; it ends once the tablet starts charging. You’ll also get improved Bluetooth Low Energy scanning power efficiency.

More Upgrades from NVIDIA

  • New NVIDIA SHIELD Camera – We’re adding a new camera app to SHIELD tablet K1, with a user interface inspired by Material Design. It brings improved burst photo functionality and adds new real-time HD image effects, accelerated by Tegra K1’s Kepler-based GPU.
  • Fallout Shelter and Bonus Lunchboxes – Bethesda’s acclaimed post-apocalyptic world, Fallout Shelter, is part of the upgrade. As a bonus, the first 50,000 SHIELD tablet K1 gamers can score five free lunchboxes, each containing four Fallout Shelter cards for in-game currency, consumables and more. Click here to learn more.
  • User Interface UpgradesPersonalize home and lock screens with different wallpapers, including new NVIDIA wallpapers. You can launch Google Now voice commands from the lock screen. And you can personalize your Quick Settings menu, adding, removing or rearranging toggles.

The ultimate tablet for gamers just got a little sweeter. Just in time to wrap and slide under your Christmas tree.

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  • Gaston Rocco

    when is available for nvidia shield tv?

  • Cameron East

    Can you release this as a factory image for flashing?

  • Andrei Dei

    When we are going to get Android 6 for first generation Shield tablet?

  • Paolino Pipitò

    After the upgrade many games do not work, asphalt 8, real racing need for speed… Is it because games are not optimised for android 6.0 or what? Does anyone have the same problem?

  • Fco. Javier Quiroz

    I already installs… and I can’t believe all this errors…

    – My SD card 128 GB was not recognized after a crash and reboot of the tablet…
    – I never can use this card in any of the 2 ways the update let me.
    – I change the card and this one (64 GB) can be used. (formatted for files and apps)
    – The other card works perfect on other devices (after erase created partitions and format in windows)
    – Half life 2 episode 1 don’t starts (yes, an app for NVIDIA Shield partners app not works on Nvidia Shield tablet)
    – Shadowgun THD don’t stars neither (yes, an optimized app for be used on Tegra portables)
    – Kindle Reader never installs
    – Excel, Power point, Word… installs (in a slow way)… but if you reboot the tablet… they disappear…

    Please, put or publish a way for return to previous version of android an then work on this one…

    And do not rush back again with this…

  • Nate S.

    Ugh same problems as below, Half-Life 2 and Ep 1 won’t boot once I updated to 6.0

  • unai

    After upgrading to 6.0 I have not been able to play pc games on the tablet. games start on pc but not stream to the tablet.

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  • https://www.youtube.com/user/MrBeen84/videos JuanMa

    I love you Huang. You are the true god!
    Please, clean the world of the AMDers and other bullshit.
    I m going to pay any price for a Nvidia Card
    My 970 and it`s 3,5 GB Vram are better than a 390 with 8 GB Vram.


    I’m interested in that as well any update on dates for non k1 marshmallow update

  • http://youtube.com/daniellangeplays Daniel Lange

    Please Nvidia, is there any news? :)))
    They’re pretty much the same tablet (on paper anyway). So I really want to hope it’s possible.

  • Lukas

    Bought Shield K1 yesterday mainly for reading Kindle and light gaming and basic internet consuming, but with Marshmallow, Kindle for Amazon even won’t install. Is there an upgrade coming? Otherwise, I am returning the device.

  • Ray Tozzi

    So they expect us to buy the new version just to get Android 6? What’s even the point of the update then….

  • Vlastík Plamínek

    I cant open display settings after marshmallow update:(

  • Freelancer Gamer

    “…full HD 1080p display…” ???? Its 1920×1200!!!
    Please make an option to change the resolution from 1920×1200 to 1920×1080 !!!!
    When you record 1920×1200 screen and then upload it to YouTube you get an ugly to black side bars!!!