Special Delivery: Android 6.0 Marshmallow, New Games and More Coming to SHIELD

by Chris Daniel

Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and new content are descending onto SHIELD Android TV.

This week at CES 2016, in Las Vegas, we’re announcing new automotive and virtual reality technologies and partnerships.

SHIELD continues to evolve, too, with a slew of new features, games and apps.

New SHIELD Upgrades

We’ve made a commitment to supporting the SHIELD family with frequent, meaningful software upgrades. We’re continuing to honor that pledge as Android 6.0 Marshmallow heads to SHIELD Android TV.

S’more to love: Android 6.0 Marshmallow coming to SHIELD Android TV.

Among the biggest enhancements Marshmallow brings is Adoptable Storage, which helps you super-size your storage capabilities. When adding an SD card, USB drive or external hard drive, SHIELD Android TV can recognize the new storage as internal memory.

We’re also enhancing the startup process. So there are even fewer steps you need to take before launching your favorite apps, movies, music and games.

Additionally, recent updates allow SHIELD Android TV owners to take control of the Recommendation Row and edit the apps that can push suggested content. They can also re-order apps and games in the download section — or allow them to appear in most recent order in which you’ve used them.

We’ll continue to support SHIELD with industry-leading software upgrades.

New SHIELD Games

Konami’s acclaimed video game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is coming to SHIELD; pushing the boundaries of graphics, style and lightning-speed gameplay on a media streaming device.

Starting this Thursday, Jan. 7, you can control the hero, Raiden, a former child soldier transformed into a half-man, half-machine cyborg ninja with a soul fueled by revenge.

A fantastic story set in the Metal Gear universe complements the hit game’s non-stop action. With cyborg technology now the norm, you’ll battle rival private military companies to subdue the war economy, stabilize regions, save lives and gain peace, all while leading a path for Raiden to resolve his troublesome past.


The Android TV ecosystem has blossomed since SHIELD Android TV launched last May, and recent additions to the app family further establish SHIELD as one of the leaders in the media streaming category.

UltraFlix, the world’s largest library of 4K content, is a streaming network that enables subscribers to choose from over 600 hours of pristine 4K Ultra HD video on demand. It joins a growing stable of media apps, including HBO NOW, HBO GO, Showtime and Twitch, among countless others.

There’s an infinite amount of content available at a moment’s notice and SHIELD continues to deliver it best at the highest resolutions.

And what better time than during CES to pass along an update.

Stay tuned to our blog, for all our news from CES 2016. 

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  • Víctor Rodríguez

    But… the question here is… when is going to be released android 6 for shield tv?
    and nvidia will upload the developer version of this update… i mean… rooted.

  • gladgura

    Does this mean we will have write access to NTFS and ExFAT USB hard drives?

  • MrHollow

    Probably not, however you will be able to use your USB hdd as a native Android TV Storage and install all the applications directly to the drive. Why would you want write access to an USB HDD ?

  • MrHollow

    Since they released the video for the new features for the Android TV, I would assume (and don’t hold my word for it) by the end of next week max. And yes, they will put the image up for grabs some point later, should you want to root your shield tv 🙂

  • gladgura

    um.. you just contradicted yourself. You can’t use as native storage much less install apps without write access.

  • NateMac

    All I want is Vudu on my SHIELD… and maybe Amazon Video if you have time. After that I’ll be happy.

  • Scooter

    Nvidia Please Support Driodmodes FULL andriod by providing him with the drivers for the controller. You did pledge to provide support and released the os but those needed drivers very helpfull for the development on shield devices. Keep up the great work. 🙂 I now own 2 of these devices.

  • Víctor Rodríguez

    I have the latest version in my system… actually the rooted img… i will be able to take the ota update directly?

  • Víctor Rodríguez

    would be perfect… and then apply on cm13

  • cyrex85

    I hope the update will contain some features requested by users, not only “pure” Android 6 by Google. I hope nvidia did the homework and implemented some features they developed themselves.

  • Jezhar

    I’m considering purchasing one of these. What feature requests would you suggest they make/improve? Please and thank you!

  • vidvox

    You can cast vudu content to the Shield just fine.

  • NateMac

    I want a leanback experience. I don’t want my roommate to need my phone to watch Vudu. I have a Chromcast that can do all of that just fine. I bought this device to play my media, I should be required to have another device with me just to watch a movie.

  • vidvox

    I agree, hopefully vudu will release an app. I don’t buy movies on there but I get free credit sometimes and the extra step is unwieldy.

  • Kenneth Sullivan

    I rent movies from here all the time and I am looking to expand my digital library with Vudu via Disc to digital … I also watch 3D movies with them can’t cast those

  • Brahim Sakka

    Great stuff, thanks Nvidia!

  • Francois Roy

    If it works like microSD cards, you’ll have to format/encrypt the storage device before merging it into the system, so dont expect miracles.

  • Chris Clawson

    Doubtful. If you want to take the OTA, you should probably revert to stock.

  • MrHollow

    I did not contradict myself. You asked for write access to NTFS and EXFAT. When you install an USB HDD/SDD/Stick or SD Card android will format the storage and as Francois Roy said it will merge it into the system. So NO, you won’t get write access to NTFS or ExFAT, but you will get write access to the USB HDD which will probably be formated as an ext linux partition.

  • gladgura

    So Android 6.0 would automatically format these drives? If so that means that I would lose all my current data.

  • https://www.kodi-xbmc.com Denis

    Hi, any idea when this update will be live? I’ve tested right now but it is still not available. I’d like to know also if it will fix resolution issue with non 4K native TVs.

  • Nuno G.

    Give us the possibility to add all the apps to the homescreen, that are installed but don’t show up on the homescreen!!!

  • radiohead14

    where’s the Shield Portable 2 ?!?!

  • Luxferro

    Just don’t buy the 500GB model. It’s hard drive is junk, and they don’t let you swap it… bootloader won’t boot off anything but that model HD.

  • hdmkv

    nVidia, please add 3D MVC support… the last piece of the puzzle left to truly “rule the living room”!

  • Tjaldid

    does this fix GoogleCast/Chromecast?

  • Pedling

    Maybe, It did on My Nexus Player….

  • nitric

    Just put your request in the Android TV app request in google +you’ll have the lean back exp in a few days

  • John Obrien

    will the update include mouse control on the nividia sheild gamepad controller, pure stupid not to include this handy option

  • http://www.smsnetwork.org/ Mikael Jakobsson

    Just leanback support will show up, but you can access it frome Settings -> Apps and open apps some not show up. Or install HAlancher.

    They dont wanna show apps some not is 100% compitibel one the console with gamepad or remote in home screen.

  • Pewterlocks

    How about an Marshmallow update to the Shield tablet, pre- battery issue one. You talk about the supporting the Shield tablet family, yet the thousands of us who invested in the original Shield tablet are still stuck on 5.1.1. I have sent in numerous emails requesting some information regarding this issue and have received zero response back from Nvidia.
    I guess we must be one big happy dysfunctional “family” and being the oldest tablet in the family, we are being put out on the proverbial icefloe

  • Marc Debenham

    If you want to use it as internal storage yet

  • Norbz

    Please add support for Azerty Keyboard, this is one of the biggest flaws right now. In 2016, you should be aware of localization…

  • ATOM

    So when is 6.0 coming to shieldtv?

  • Darren Yates

    Geforce not working online..why?

  • Darren

    why is Geforce not working online?

  • Javelin

    3d MVC Support then you will own the lounge room

  • John Obrien

    will the update include mouse control on the nividia sheild gamepad controller, pure stupid not to include this handy option

  • EliBook

    Thanks for the article Chris. Netflix app, Hulu, or BBC is great on Android. If live outside USA, you can use tools like UnoTelly to get Netflix (or Hulu, or BBC, etc) on your Android.

  • Christopher Hayes

    so where is the marshmallow new’s ?. i had to send my tablet back because of a faulty battery and i got a replacement that is way slower than the one i had to send back.

  • cfbcfb

    Almost February and I’m still waiting for Marshmallow.

  • Nelson Spence

    I feel you, it’s unacceptable. The original and the re-branded K1 tablet are the damn same, there is no reason we should be left out in the cold.

  • OneOfOne

    this is a blatant lie. I replaced mine and it was quick and free

  • OneOfOne

    bluetooth keyboard with track pad works.

  • OneOfOne

    you can get amazon video on it. I have it on mine

  • NateMac

    How were you able to put the Amazon app on your SHIELD? Did you sideload it?

  • Scotty Bot

    Did they give up on MM for Shield TV?

  • twoloavesofbread

    As a heads up, the original Shield tablet just got the update today.