Motown Magic: NVIDIA-Powered Cars Unveiled at Detroit Auto Show

by Danny Shapiro

It may be 10 degrees outside of the Cobo Convention Center in downtown Detroit, but things are heating up inside as the 2016 North American International Auto Show (aka the Detroit Auto Show) opens its doors to the public tomorrow.

The Big 3 and most other major automakers are showcasing what the world will soon see on the streets. Here’s a taste of some of the NVIDIA-powered cars on display.

Congratulations Are in Order

The new Honda Civic has an NVIDIA-powered touchscreen display that supports the custom Honda Connect interface as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Newly crowned as the show’s “North American Car of the Year,” the sleek, redesigned Honda Civic integrates an NVIDIA-powered touchscreen display that supports the custom Honda Connect interface, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The Volvo XC90 is racking up awards.

Doubling down on its Motor Trend “SUV of the Year Award,” the Volvo XC90 just bagged the “North American Truck of the Year” at the show. Volvo will soon add NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 as the artificial intelligence brain of this luxury SUV when its Drive Me program kicks off next year. This first-of-its-kind program will let Volvo customers operate leased XC90s in a fully autonomous mode around Volvo’s hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Straight Out of Stuttgart and Ingolstadt

Audi showed off its latest A4 allroad quattro concept.

Audi will wow the crowds with its all-new A4 allroad quattro and h-tron quattro concepts. With a higher ground clearance and sharper edges, the allroad quattro is perfect for all sorts of road conditions. It includes the new Audi virtual cockpit and MMI navigation-plus. These feature NVIDIA tech to make sure the driver experiences a high level of confidence and convenience, whether glancing at Google Maps to get real-time traffic or checking weather and gas prices.

The h-tron quattro concept uses Audi’s central driver assistance controller, zFAS. Created in partnership with NVIDIA, zFAS models the car’s surroundings in real time and makes this information available to the car’s driver assistance systems, as well as the piloted driving and parking systems.

Porsche is introducing a pair of turbo-powered 911s: the 911 Turbo and Turbo S.

Presenting another highlight of its product portfolio, Porsche is introducing the 911 Turbo and Turbo S, with neck-snapping acceleration and less fuel consumption compared to previous generations. But the car itself isn’t the only thing that’s quick. The 911’s new infotainment system, powered by NVIDIA, can access the latest traffic information and even visualize routes with 360-degree images and satellite images. It’ll make sure you not only arrive in style, but exactly where you need to be.

Porsche’s new infotainment system: powered by NVIDIA.

An Ode to the Iconoclast

Many car enthusiasts believe the BMW 2002 saved the automaker back in the ‘60s. It was the first model to reach U.S. soil. And not only was the 2002 a hoot to drive, but back then it was also considered technologically advanced.

Beauty, and a Beast:
Beauty, and a Beast: the 2017 BMW M2 delivers 365 horsepower.

BMW executives are introducing a compact ode to the 2002 legend with the brutish 2017 M2. With dimensions as small as a MINI Cooper but an engine that puts out 365 horsepower, this mini-rocket can go from 0-60 MPH in just 4.2 seconds.

The BMW M2 pairs strong performance with a equally snappy NVIDIA-powered interface.

One of our latest Tegra chips powers the infotainment system in the car. So when M2 enthusiasts are canyon carving their favorite back roads, they’ll know the user interface’s performance is just as fast as their car.

The Detroit Auto Show opens to the public today and runs through Jan. 24. There are many more NVIDIA-powered cars to see, so enjoy the ride.