Oculus-Ready PCs, Powered by GeForce GTX, Ready for Pre-Order

by Jason Paul

With the release of the Oculus Rift next month, virtual reality is right around the corner. If you’re considering jumping into VR, there hasn’t been a better time to make sure you have the right PC hardware to power the experience.

Today, Oculus-Ready PCs from Dell, Alienware and ASUS went up for pre-order from Best Buy, Amazon and Microsoft Stores.

Starting from $949 when purchased with Rift, the PCs all feature GeForce GTX GPUs and deliver a great plug-and-play experience so you can jump right into your favorite VR games and apps.

The GeForce-based PCs feature NVIDIA’s Game Ready Drivers that provide day of launch support for the latest games and applications. They also support GameWorks VR technologies, which help reduce latency and improve performance for VR headsets, games and apps.

In particular, one of the GameWorks VR features, called Multi-Res Shading, takes advantage of NVIDIA’s multi-projection hardware architecture to deliver substantial performance improvements for VR games and apps — up to 50 percent in Unreal Engine 4.

Get Ready

If you already have a capable PC, and just need to update your graphics card, head over to GeForce.com and learn more about GeForce GTX VR Ready graphics cards that will meet the performance demands of virtual reality games. They include the GeForce GTX 970, GTX 980, GTX 980 Ti and TITAN X.

You’ll also find notebook and desktop PC options that meet the recommended specs for VR gaming.

If you’ve been waiting to build your own VR gaming rig, or buy one pre-configured from a leading PC OEM or system builder, now’s the time to get ready.