SONIC the Hedgehog Spins on to SHIELD

by Andrew Fear

My kids are gamers, just not hardcore gamers. Their idea of gaming is tapping a tablet screen a few times a second as they slice piles of fruit.

But come on, that’s not gaming. Real gaming is  feeling the game controller in your hand, and hearing the lamentation of your friends.

That’s why I’m excited today we’re announcing we’re bringing Sonic & All-Stars Racing and other Sonic titles to NVIDIA SHIELD, streaming from GeForce NOW.  Sonic was an iconic part of my youth.  I played lots of Sonic platformers as a kid, and even followed him to the Olympics and battled with him in brawlers as we both matured.  

GFN-Sonic_SEGA_All_Stars_Racing-News_Article-MFG-840x360-2 (2)

With SEGA games now available on NVIDIA SHIELD I’m sharing my old friend Sonic with my kids. They only know Sonic as a special character in a few games or for his cameos in the Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is a really fun game that lets you play with up to four people at once. All racing, skidding, and battling to win the race. It’s a game that I love sharing with my kids. It’s family friendly and lots of fun.

Best part: since the game is streamed from GeForce NOW it means that you can launch and play the game in about 30 seconds. Trust me, instant gratification for kids is a key ingredient to your sanity.

And, when the kids finally go to bed and I get a moment’s rest, I can go back to my SHIELD Android TV and select a more mature game to enjoy. Just last month we announced we’re signing Square Enix’s games, letting you enjoy Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, Murdered: Soul Suspect and more.  

It’s a great time to be a SHIELD owner. And a great time to become a GeForce NOW member.