Virtual Reality Gets Real at Our GPU Technology Conference

by Brian Caulfield

If you want to see how virtual reality is about to upend not just gaming and entertainment but manufacturing, construction, medicine and more, then you need to be at next month’s GPU Technology Conference.

VR — which couples a new generation of thin, light, high-definition headsets with new kinds of content — is unleashing new kinds of immersive experiences. And it will be one of the main themes of GTC, set for April 4-7, in Silicon Valley.

Audi will talk about how it created its remarkable Audi VR Experience.

Dozens of VR sessions will be held, as well as hands-on labs, where you can learn to use the latest tools to tell stories and let users interact in novel ways. To make things a bit more interesting, eight teams will compete for $30,000 in cash and prizes as part of our VR Showcase.

A few of the highlights:

The common denominator: all of these speakers are using GPUs to bring new kinds of immersive experiences to life. You’ll find content at GTC that will help you rethink old ways of looking at digital media, and get you ready to take advantage of what virtual reality can do.

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In just a few years, VR has gone from a staple of science-fiction movies to a reality you can play with now.  

More’s coming. And it’s the insights that spring up when people from so many disciplines come together — both formally and informally — that will spark a new generation of digital experiences.

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