Congrats to Todd Howard on His Lifetime Achievement Award

by Eric Reichley

I’ve worked in the games industry for more than 10 years, most recently as a content manager at NVIDIA. During that time, I’ve had the chance to partner with developers and publishers on some of the greatest games ever.

Frankly, I’m in awe of what developers do on both the code and art side, as well as the storylines that people come up with. I’ve worked with devs small and large, and seen individuals and companies push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Without the content that devs create, the cards that NVIDIA sells would just be sexy doorstops.

Todd Howard is someone I’ve been lucky to work with on his latest creation, Fallout 4. NVIDIA has also done work on his other franchise, Skyrim, which is widely known and loved.

I and everyone at NVIDIA offer our congratulations to Todd for his Lifetime Achievement Award, handed out this week at the Game Developers Conference.

I am personally honored to have been able to work with Todd. The fact that he let NVIDIA include some of our tech in his game is amazing. Being able to see Fallout 4 developed, and getting an insight into such a great game, makes my job beyond fun.

When I first met Todd to talk about NVIDIA GameWorks, he looked at the things we had and said: “I want GodRays on all versions, not just PC.” We had never done that before. But Todd saw something that would make his game better, so we did it.

Todd’s a visionary, someone who makes gaming a better industry and pushes all developers to do better. There are kids playing Fallout and Skyrim who will someday get into the game industry because of his games, and who will go on to make great content of their own.

Todd is not one of those guys who talks on forums or Twitter all the time. He lets his work speak for him. He doesn’t make games for the glory of the limelight. He makes games because he has a passion and love for them.

Congrats, Todd, my Vault Boy gives you a big thumbs up.