NVIDIA Iray: A New Foundation for Professional Design

by Andrew Rink

Creating lifelike renderings is one of the most effective techniques that designers use to accurately visualize their work. Making them interactive is even better. But for most designers, this is impractical due to software and hardware limitations.

Our latest rendering technology is a game changer in this area. Those without rendering expertise can quickly and easily create photorealistic images of their models, and manipulate them in real time.

With the second phase of Project Soane underway, any designer has the chance to put these claims to the test – and win thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes in the process.

Reimagining an 18th Century Masterwork

We kicked off Project Soane’s first stage last summer with HP. It brought together hundreds of architects from around the world to collaborate on crowdsourcing a digital model of Sir John Soane’s neo-classical design of the Bank of England.

Image courtesy of Arqui9.
Image courtesy of Arqui9.

Phase two, the rendering contest, challenges architects and visualization specialists to reimagine Soane’s masterpiece using the crowdsourced digital model.

More than 1,000 people have already registered for the contest. They’ll have the chance to explore interactive, physically based rendering with Quadro GPUs by downloading a free trial of NVIDIA Iray for 3ds Max or Iray for Maya plug-in and NVIDIA Iray Server distributed rendering software.

Quick, Easy, Photorealistic Renderings

The Iray plug-in simulates light and materials with stunning realism. Anyone who has operated a digital camera will feel at ease using it.

Iray Server helps designers make better informed decisions by harnessing a network of workstations to accelerate photorealistic design visualization. It uses the power of NVIDIA Quadro GPUs with Iray to give designers the ability to iterate in full realism and view changes in real time.

For your chance at a share of the $30,000 in Project Soane prizes, join the mission and submit your rendering of Soane’s Bank of England before the contest closes in early June.PS_KV_WebPg

For a deeper look at the latest in rendering and visualization, check out the Product and Building Design track at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference, taking place in Silicon Valley April 4-7.

It will feature numerous talks on rendering, including a session on “Rendering Lost Historical Buildings with NVIDIA Technology.” This talk will go beyond Project Soane to detail how Iray and Quadro work together to give designers state of the art design visualization capability.