See the Future of the Auto Industry at GTC

by Danny Shapiro

A smarter, safer new generation of cars is on its way.  

And there’s no better place to learn about the people — and technology — driving the auto industry forward than at our annual GPU Technology Conference.

That’s because GPUs are powering the trends that are reshaping the auto industry. They’re being used to build a new generation of cockpits that seamlessly blend information and entertainment. They’re changing the ways cars are designed and sold.

And they’re powering an artificial intelligence revolution — deep learning — that’s turning vehicles into autonomous machines that can move us more safely, and more efficiently, than ever before (see “Accelerating AI with GPUs: A New Computing Model”).

Smart People —  Smart Sessions

Toyota Research Institute’s CEO, Gill Pratt.
Toyota Research Institute CEO Gill Pratt.

It all starts with some of the smartest people in the auto industry. More than 40 of the hundreds of sessions at the show are focused on the future of the car.

Speakers hail from such leading companies as Audi, Ford, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, GM, Harley Davidson, SpaceX and Google, as well as MIT and Stanford.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find:

  • Artificial intelligence guru Gill Pratt, of Toyota Research Institute, will examine the convergence of robots, supercomputers, and cars.
  • Volvo Cars’ technical expert Henrik Lind will discuss the automaker’s upcoming Drive Me program, involving 100 autonomous vehicles in its hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Audi’s Marcus Kuehne and Thomas Zuchtriegel will talk about the vehicle maker’s stunning virtual showroom.
  • Mercedes-Benz R&D Alex Hilliger will discuss next-gen digital user experiences for drivers.
  • Floris Gaisser, a researcher at Delft University of Technology, will explain how a new generation of GPU-powered autonomous shuttles are navigating public roads in the Netherlands, without the need for a driver.  
  • Modar Alaoui, CEO of  Eyeris, will dive into how a new generation of  facial analytics software allows vehicles to monitor drivers’ levels of attention, cognitive awareness and emotional distraction.  

Artificial Intelligence for the Vehicle and Beyond

Artificial intelligence promises to unleash vehicles from companies such as Volvo with the smarts to drive more safely than humans can.
Artificial intelligence promises to unleash vehicles from companies such as Volvo with the smarts to drive more safely than humans can.

GPUs are more than just about new kinds of visual experiences. They’re powering a new generation of artificial intelligence, known as deep learning, that will be key to building safer, smarter and more convenient ways of getting around.

GTC is packed with sessions exploring the many ways GPUs and autonomous vehicles intersect.

Lose Yourself in GTC’s VR Village

You’ll be able to do much more than just sit and listen at GTC. Thanks to a new generation of high-fidelity headsets and powerful GPUs, you can strap on a VR headset at GTC and experience it for yourself.

The Audi VR experience standard set-up: viewing an Audi R8 on the moon.

Zerolight and five other partners will have booths demoing their latest VR technology, plus we’ll have another 10 rooms in the VR Village, where attendees can experience of the power of VR.

Sign Up for a Great Ride at GTC

There’s no better better place to get smart about the changes rolling through the auto industry than GTC. And there’s no better time to sign up than right now. To get 20% off of an all-access conference pass, visit our registration page using the code Auto16.