Yes, This Is Rocket Science: Supercomputing Experts Flock to GPU Technology Conference

by George Millington

There’s virtually no aspect of modern life that isn’t touched by high performance computing. That’s why you’ll find experts discussing an enormous array of supercomputing-driven advances in science and industry at next month’s GPU Technology Conference.

GPU Technology Conference
You’ll join crowds of people sharing their HPC expertise at GTC.

NVIDIA’s Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform, after all, is the force behind some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers. Its ability to simultaneously tackle vast numbers of computing tasks lets researchers address some of today’s most difficult problems — from finding new ways to battle diseases to uncovering the mysteries of the universe, and much more.

That’s why there’s been an explosion in new applications for GPU-accelerated high performance computing, and new ways the technology is being applied to drive discovery and innovation. You’ll be able to dive into this at GTC, set for April 4- 7, in Silicon Valley.

A few highlights:

Interact with NVIDIA Engineers

In addition to sessions presented by top scientists, researchers, and developers from around the globe, we’re bringing top NVIDIA engineers to the conference to talk about bringing HPC applications to GPU-accelerated systems, how OpenACC has emerged as the de facto standard to port complex programs to GPU accelerators, and the nuts and bolts of using our accelerators in a wide variety of applications.

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The common denominator: all of these speakers are putting GPUs to work to achieve breakthroughs. Will you be driving the next breakthrough? Arm yourself with the latest insights.

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