Check Out These 7 Hot Intelligent and Autonomous Machines Sessions at GTC 2016

by Lynette Farinas

From research labs to cutting-edge startups to commercial construction sites, intelligent and autonomous machines rely on GPUs to perform.

Visual computing is powering advances in computer vision, autonomous navigation, facial recognition, behavioral analysis and related applications.

Join us to learn about the state of the art from the brightest minds in the field at next month’s GPU Technology Conference, in Silicon Valley.

Among the highlights:

  • James Gosling, chief software architect at Liquid Robotics, and the “Father of Java,” will talk about building autonomous robots that travel the high seas for months at a time, dealing with extreme conditions and communications, navigation, and collision avoidance challenges.
  • Max Versace, CEO of Neurala, Inc. and director of Boston University’s Neuromorphics Lab, will explain “Brain-in-a-Box,” a unified perception and navigation framework that couples GPUs with inexpensive sensors to let machines sense and navigate their environments.
  • Marc Gyongyosi, founder of IFM Technologies will discuss recent advances that leverage the GPU aboard his company’s “Intelligent Flying Machines.” The firm provides a complete framework to collect, visualize and leverage 3D data analysis in indoor environments.
  • Dor Abuhasira, CEO of Percepto, will cover the need, challenges and solutions for enabling autonomous drones with real-time computer vision applications.
  • Carles Fernandez Tena, research director at Herta Securities, will explain why Tegra X1 is the right platform for developing embedded video analytics solutions using deep learning.
  • MIT’s Sertac Karaman will outline a number of autonomous transportation projects he’s working on, including cars and tricycles leveraging GPU computing to help move people and goods more efficiently in dense city environments.

There’s much more to see, hear and get your hands on.

Join us at GTC 2016, April 4-7. Hang out with experts from NVIDIA and across the industry to learn more about what’s trending in technology. Go hands-on with GPUs in onsite tutorials and labs.

And listen to keynotes from NVIDIA’s Jen-Hsun Huang, IBM Watson CTO Robert High and Toyota Research Institute CEO Gill Pratt.

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