Go, Autonomous Speed Racer, Go! NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 to Power World’s First Robotic Motorsports Competition

by Danny Shapiro

Fernando Alonso’s terrifying F1 crash last month at the Australian Grand Prix shows how far humans will push a car for the pursuit of performance.

What if we could push racecars to the new levels of performance without endangering lives?

To find out, we’re putting our DRIVE PX 2 AI supercomputer into the cars that will compete in the Roborace Championship, the first global autonomous motorsports competition, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced Tuesday at our GPU Technology Conference, in Silicon Valley.

Image by Chief Design Officer Daniel Simon / Roborace Ltd.
Image by Chief Design Officer Daniel Simon / Roborace Ltd.

Superhuman Action, Powered by DRIVE PX 2

Part of the new Formula E ePrix electric racing series, Roborace combines the intrigue of robot competition with earth-friendly alternative energy racing.

Every Roborace will pit 10 teams, each with two driverless cars equipped with NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2, against each other in one-hour races. The teams will have identical cars. Their sole competitive advantage: software. It’s truly a contest to build the most advanced artificial mind.

The amount of information pouring into each of these autonomous high-speed racecars — and the need to make quick decisions — is incredibly demanding. That’s why Kinetik, the London-based investment firm behind Roborace, approached NVIDIA.

DRIVE PX 2 provides supercomputer-class performance — up to 24 trillion operations a second for AI applications — in a case the size of a lunchbox. And such a small box is exactly what these racecars need.

Since the cars don’t need human drivers, these racecars are incredibly compact, and the designs — conceived by auto designer Daniel Simon, the man behind Tron: Legacy’s light cycles — are like nothing that’s been seen on a road, or a racetrack, before. There’s no room in these racers for the trunk full of PCs that powered earlier generations of autonomous vehicles.

Thanks to DRIVE PX 2, there’s no need.

Power, Without the Pounds

DRIVE PX 2 provides the processing power of 150 MacBook Pros, enough to incorporate input from a vast array of sensors — radar, lidar, cameras, GPS and high-definition mapping, for starters.

And with DRIVE PX 2’s deep learning capabilities — which use GPUs to help machines learn from the world around them — these racecars will get better the more they race.

It’s a competition in what will lead to safer, smarter cars for everyone.

What Should We Name Our Car?

If NVIDIA were to have an autonomous racecar, what would we call it? We’ve considered “Deep Green” — a reference to deep learning and energy-efficient AI computing — but we’re looking for more suggestions.

Tell us what we should name our racecar in the comment box below.

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  • Kannappan

    Deep Green sounds perfect!

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    Eyeson ( pr. eyes on)

  • Faisal Shareef

    Martha Went

  • EXO U Lab

    This is inspiring. So inspiring that we are building a classroom activity where students can program cars, then cars race on the whiteboard.

  • Robert Chisholm

    Racey McRacecar, seems to be fitting with current trends.

  • GrooveXT

    I would call it “GeForce One”

  • Brian Caulfield

    Love it.

  • Brian Caulfield


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    NDRİVE !!!

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  • Ozan Camur

    FirstGO / FirstNDrive

  • Türker İnal

    NVIDZB = Nvidia Zettabayt

  • Brian Caulfield

    Keep ’em coming!

  • Brian Caulfield

    That’s too long to fit on a racecar (Just kidding! Thanks for sharing your story).

  • Jotham

    Kryptonic: Since it reminds me of Kryptonite the one thing the strongest imaginative man on earth is afraid off.
    Spirit: It has alot of it.
    Elemental: It could be.
    Ukiyo: Literally means ‘the floating world’
    Junai: Pure love

  • Almaz Dragov

    Wilonvi – With Love from nVidia

  • William Kirby

    I like GrooveXT’s Suggestion of GeForce One, which would be my top suggestion, but

    GreenForce one,
    Wings of Green.
    Green Arrow! (might need permission from Marvel for that one though!)

  • Gustav Kirkegaard

    Carty McCarCar

  • George Fagan

    This is totally how wipeout and f-zero get started isn’t it?

  • xHDx

    Fit it with a billion sensors, some Java and Linux and you’re all set 😀

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    GO Force

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    How about “Green NVI”?

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  • Proven

    EcoGreenBrain or EGB for short, RGB is all the rage right now, EGB could be next!

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    Green Menace

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    GogoGreen like gogo gadget!

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    The nCredible Racer

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    No news on pascal cards could care less about the rest of the crap they announced this week.

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  • Craig

    Can we get a race schedule please?
    I hope you have the good sense to have an online site to watch from various camera angles in real time.

  • Callum Lee

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    Hammerhead arrow!

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    NVIDIA VorteX

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    I got a feeling these robo race cars will just all line up to take the fastest racing line, and if a roboracer behind tries to make a pass or an overtaking move approaching a corner, those behind will just follow and all of them will just end up in a pile of carbon fiber mush. And the cause of the crash? No, it’s not the software nor the hardware, it’s the tires losing traction and grip in a high-G turn.

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    I suggest “Green Butterfly”

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    N-D-Genous Knight

    N: Nvidia
    D: Deep learning
    G:energy-efficient AI
    enous: Indigenous (native to Nvidia)
    Knight: Reference to Knight Rider

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  • Brian Caulfield


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