Virtual Reality You May Have Missed at GTC

by David Weinstein

New businesses, products, technologies and experiences have all been on display  at our GPU Technology Conference.

Our VR talks, announcements and heart-pumping demos showed how much GPU technology will change the industry. We had 36 VR exhibitors,  27 talks and countless VR experiences on display. Check out our video about the VR at GTC, here.

VR Startups Swarm GTC

Cluny Abbey, France by
Cluny Abbey, France, by

Among the most intriguing new businesses is The startup develops a platform for virtual tourism, so people can travel to historic sites and places off-limits to the general public, such as  Grotte de la Verpilliere, an archaeological site where humans and Neanderthals lived for 50,000 years. — just one of the VR startups at our show — received $30,000 in cash and prizes during our Emerging Companies Summit.  

VR Experiences Enthrall Show Goers

We’ve brought an array of VR experiences to GTC and put them front and center on the show floor. Much of the action centered in our VR Village.

Here’s a sampling of what’s on offer:

  • Audi: Using the latest VR headset with powerful graphics, visitors can digitally explore and configure a range of Audi’s signature vehicles in real time.
  • Lenovo: Check out WorldViz’s co-presence VR Experience, featuring two users wearing an Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, interacting in the same virtual world through the NVIDIA VR Ready and Certified Lenovo ThinkStation P500.
  • Dell: Showcasing Dassault System’s “Virtual Garage” using an HTC Vive headset and controlling a joystick, visitors can virtually view, explore and interact with the new DS 3 as if it were real — walk around the car and sit inside it, change roof and body colors, trims and interior decor, and view animations of opening and closing front doors.
  • HP:  It’s showing a lineup of NVIDIA VR Ready Z Workstations running commercially focused VR applications. Applications include EnvelopVR and a wealth of Steam VR-based demos.

    8i BoxingTraining
    8i BoxingTraining
  • Point Cloud: In the NVIDIA booth, we showed a time-lapse rendering created and rendered with Point Cloud showing the construction of NVIDIA’s new headquarters. It provides a first-person view of the site through each step of the building’s construction, interacting with data that was captured regularly by drone and laser scanner.
  •  NASA’s immersive International Space Station experience — created with the Johnson Space Center’s Hybrid Reality and Advanced Operational Concepts lab — offers a glimpse at the future of astronaut training.

New Software

While a new generation of thin, light, high-definition headsets and powerful GPUs have made virtual reality more accessible than ever, we’re also supporting VR with a wide range of new software.

  • NVIDIA Iray — Our Iray rendering and light simulation software  can create virtual worlds with unrivaled fidelity. Architects and designers can take a virtual walk through their buildings and ensure areas where light falls will be glare-free at any time of day or year. With Iray, we can see how sunlight interacts with the design over long stretches of time.
  • NVIDIA Light Field VR — This prototype head-mounted display we’re creating in collaboration with Stanford University replicates the way our eyes work by providing a sharper, more natural, nausea-free VR experience. No need to pass the dramamine.
  • 8i — Making virtual reality human, 8i technology brings virtual experiences to life with the highest fidelity, most realistic volumetric video recordings of actual people. Volumetric video lets you walk around the person you’re watching in VR and feel true presence as if you’re in the same room.

New Products

MSI WT72 VR Ready laptop
MSI WT72 VR Ready laptop

GTC 2016 is also showcasing on the show floor new products that make VR immersive and accessible.

  • VideoStitch: Known for its leading 360-degree VR video production software suite, VideoStitch launched and gave the first public demonstrations of Orah 4i, an all-in-one 4K camera designed for high-quality live streaming to online video platforms and VR headsets.