How We’re Bringing Our Iray VR Technology to the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference

by Wil Braithwaite

We’ll be demonstrating how our Iray rendering technology can support virtual reality experiences at this week’s Silicon Valley Virtual Reality conference.

The demo shows how our Iray VR technology lets users don a headset and explore photorealistic virtual environments. With Iray VR lightfields, you’ll be able to look around the inside of a virtual car, a modern loft, or the interior of our still unfinished Silicon Valley campus with incredible accuracy.

Our Iray technology lets users refine their designs faster, thanks to its many rendering capabilities, such as interactive ray tracing, accurate material representations and performance scaling from the desktop to the data center.

These capabilities have made Iray a valuable tool, particularly for architects and lighting designers. They’re using its capabilities to model how light interacts with their designs at any time of day, and any day of the year (see “How Real-Time Ray Tracing Can Avert a Real-Life Death Ray”).

Iray is now coming to VR.

Now Iray is coming to VR. To show how, we created a demo that combined thousands of different views of our new campus into a multi-dimensional image known as a lightfield. When inside the lightfield, a user can look anywhere and see a photorealistic render, in real time.

This demo is just one of the many ways we’re working to bring the rendering capabilities of Iray to VR. We’re also harnessing Iray to generate photorealistic, stereoscopic panoramas that can be rendered offline for pre-designed walkthroughs, or even rendered on the fly using multiple powerful GPUs, allowing users to explore and modify their virtual environment.

The showstopper: a demo that allows you to strap on virtual reality goggles and watch our new Silicon Valley campus take shape, as data is captured by drones hovering high above the construction site.

To see our demos in action, stop by the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference, April 27-29, Hall 3, booth # 210 at the San Jose Convention Center.