GPU Technology Conference Coming to Europe

by Bea Longworth

Deep learning, virtual reality, autonomous driving and supercomputing are some of the biggest trends sweeping through the tech industry. There’s no better way to dive into them than our first GPU Technology Conference in Europe, taking place Sept. 28 and 29, in Amsterdam.

Our GTC events give developers an unparalleled chance to share, network and discover how GPU technologies are pioneering breakthroughs in computing’s mega-trends.

At GTC Europe, the continent’s only conference dedicated to GPU-accelerated computing, we’re providing more than 1,000 square meters of space for exhibitors and sponsors to present their work. We’ll be showcasing some of the region’s most exciting startups, as well as 50-plus demo stations with the latest tech from NVIDIA and our partners.

Registration is now open and we’re also looking for speakers and workshop hosts to share their discoveries, insights and expertise.

GTC Europe will also host its own Emerging Companies Summit, where local startups present their groundbreaking technologies to potential partners, customers and investors.

We hold GTC events across the globe each year. Our largest conference, GTC 2016, drew more than 5,500 attendees to Silicon Valley earlier this month. Additionally, Tokyo, Taipei, Singapore and Seoul have all been showcases for the cutting edge of GPU computing.

Details of the session agenda and keynote speakers will arrive soon. Subscribe for updates for the latest info.