Look, Ma, No Hands! 3 Unmanned Systems Companies to Watch at Xponential 2016

by Lynette Farinas

With the exploding popularity of robots, drones and other unmanned systems, there are few better places to see the latest in autonomous technology than at Xponential, the world’s premier gathering of the people who design and build it.

NVIDIA is at this week’s conference in force, showcasing our Jetson TX1 embedded platform in booth 1231 and hosting several times a day a session covering deep learning and onboard artificial intelligence with the TX1.

Among the more than 8,000 attendees from 55 countries worldwide at the New Orleans show is a long list of exhibitors and attendees who use our Jetson tech in their autonomous vehicles and systems. Heading up the list are three amazing companies that just made a splash last month at our GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley.

AerialGuard – Advanced Autonomous Navigation

As its dramatic video below shows, AerialGuard’s drone technology enables real-time, fully autonomous tracking and following of objects, including collision avoidance. Its technology uses onboard sensors and processors, including Jetson TK1, for high-level autonomy, backed by ground operator control and cloud-based collective intelligence.

At GTC, AerialGuard presented its advance autonomous capabilities for drones and UAVs, featuring sense and avoid technologies. The company’s innovation goes right down to its modular approach to integrating autonomous functionality into a variety of existing platforms. Check it out in our booth at the show.

Aerialtronics – Zenith of Commercial Drones

Aerialtronics’ Altura Zenith industrial drone starred in the GTC Drone Zone and will be in booth 867 at Xponential. Built for outdoor applications, Altura Zenith can reach flight speeds up to 55 mph and carry payloads weighing up to 5 kg. The company is making a mark in business operations, revolutionizing the way business resources can be managed and providing aerial data systems for a range of commercial applications.

The Altura Zenith is designed and developed according to aviation-grade quality standards. At GTC, the drone tracked people and objects using an infrared camera, overlaying a real-time infrared feed in lock-step with a standard color video feed. These were fed into both the camera gimbal and the flight control system.

Liquid Robotics – Sailing the Ocean Blue

Liquid Robotics captured the GTC crowd’s imagination with its autonomous Wave Gliders. The unmanned sea-faring vehicles operate individually or in fleets, delivering real-time data for up to a year with no fuel. The gliders use an innovative design to draw energy from ocean waves, with a surface-mounted solar panel powering a Jetson TK1 and other onboard electronics.

Built to withstand the extreme conditions of life at sea, Wave Gliders are in use by commercial and academic customers to assess, monitor and protect the ocean. Liquid Robotics will be in booth 1300 at Xponential.