NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang Unveils GeForce GTX 1080, World’s Most Advanced GPU

by Brian Caulfield

Whaaaatt? WHAT! Crazy! I WANT IT. HOLY %#%! And those are just the shouts we can report here.

Hundreds of gamers gathered for a surprise event shrieked with delight and yelped encouragement as NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang made a slew of gaming announcements, unveiling the GeForce GTX 1080 — the first gaming GPU based on our new Pascal architecture.

Speaking at the DreamHack gamer gathering in Austin, Texas Friday night, he drew gasps of disbelief as he explained that our newest gaming GPU delivers 2x the performance and 3x the efficiency of TITAN X.

“It’s insane. The 1080 is insane, It’s almost irresponsible amounts of performance,” Huang, wearing a black leather jacket and huge grin, told the crowd of hundreds of gamers at Emo’s, one of music-mad Austin’s top entertainment venues.

Jaw-dropping, literally: NVIDIA's fans were shocked as CEO Jen-Hsun Huang detailed GeForce GTX 1080's capabilities.
NVIDIA’s fans react as CEO Jen-Hsun Huang detailed GeForce GTX 1080’s capabilities.

That’s thanks to the GTX 1080’s Pascal architecture, which offers huge leaps in performance, memory bandwidth and power efficiency. Pascal supports new features and capabilities that redefine what makes a perfect platform for AAA games.

“This is the future of graphics, available today,” Huang said. “1080 is the new king.”

In the past, GPUs were designed to project 3D models onto single screens. In the modern computing landscape, people game on curved, widescreen displays, 4K and higher resolution monitors, “surround” setups configured with three screens or more and, of course, head-mounted displays for immersive VR experiences (for more details, see “10: Gaming Perfected” on GeForce.com).

The GeForce GTX 1080 is built to work with today's multi-monitor setups, curved displays, and head-mounted displays.
The GeForce GTX 1080 is built to make the most of today’s multi-monitor setups, curved screens, and head-mounted displays.

“Several thousand people have been working on this project now for more than two years. This is the largest GPU endeavor, the largest chip processor endeavor, in the history of humanity. The R&D budget was several billion dollars,” Huang said.

“Daaaaaamn Jen-Hsun,” one gamer shouted.

The Most Advanced Gaming GPU Ever Created

Pascal was designed to bring out the best in this new generation of content. Its greater memory bandwidth and power efficiency let the GTX 1080 run at clock speeds never before possible — more than 1700 MHz — while consuming just 180 watts of power.

Our Pascal-based GPUs feature enhanced asynchronous compute, and are the first to harness the power of 8GB of Micron’s new GDDR5X memory. The GTX 1080 is the first gaming GPUs designed for the 16nm FinFET process.

Gamers Go Wild

Gamers at our event got a first look at NVIDIA Ansel, a powerful, easy-to-use game capture tool built in cooperation with leading game developers (for more, see “NVIDIA Ansel Revolutionizes Game Capture for GeForce Gamers”). NVIDIA Ansel will be available on supported games for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600-series and up.

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang shows NVIDIA Ansel’s ability to turn your in-game images into a VR experience you can share on a smartphone.

They also got to experience NVIDIA VR Funhouse, a virtual reality experience we’ve created from the ground up to highlight what our Pascal-based GPU can do for VR (see “Our First Virtual Reality Experience, NVIDIA Funhouse, Shows What Pascal Can Do for VR”).

Huang also detailed how we’re expanding VRWorks to help developers bring new levels of realism to VR through sight, sound and touch (see “Pascal and VRWorks Infuse VR with New Level of Presence”).

To show what Pascal makes possible, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney took the stage to show next generation character models with astonishing levels of realism — with lifelike hair and skin, richly detailed clothing and armor, and light glinting dramatically from every detail.

Audience members gasped when Huang revealed they were all rendered on our GTX 1080 running at more than 2000 MHz, and a temperature of just 67 degrees centigrade, an unprecedented feat.

“The only faster GPU is a Maxwell GPU immersed in liquid nitrogen,” Huang said.

Capabilities like these have made the unveiling of our first Pascal-based gaming GPU one of the most anticipated gaming events of the year. That’s why we orchestrated an elaborate online scavenger hunt to bring gamers to a surprise launch event that featured the first look at the GeForce GTX 1080 and a live performance by Deadmau5.

The GeForce GTX 1080 will goes on sale May 27th.

Huang, however, wasn’t done. Waiting until the end of his presentation, he also announced that we’re launching the NVIDIA GTX 1070 as well, with the “Founders Edition,” available June 10 for $449, and custom boards from partners expected to start at $379.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 “Founders Edition” shown tonight will be available on May 27 for $699. It will be available from NVIDIA, ASUS, Colorful, EVGA, Gainward, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Innovision 3D, MSI, Palit, PNY and Zotac. Custom boards from partners will vary by region and pricing is expected to start at $599.

For more, visit GeForce.com.

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  • Cobain

    lol to my self

  • Ridiculous

    I will survive with 680 for now…I simply have no choice 😀 but it seems that this might be the next target if I will upgrade my video card anytime soon…but highly unlikely, so I will just sit back, and watch what else will be revealed and what will advance forward in PC technology.

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    I have the 680 but it’s overheating on Inquisition, which forced me to buy an Alienware with a Titan X, still not yet shipped. And now this comes out :'(

  • LawdHamercy

    ;[ I just got a i5 4690k…I’m sure it would bottleneck this beast.

  • fbifido

    any link to the recorded stream ?

  • umadpeople

    any idea when the mobile gpu gonna be released? yeah new desktop gpu are great but unfortunately i have to get laptop as i travel a lot, been waiting for new mobile gpu for so long

  • HunsonAbadeer

    Is there a recorded stream?

  • Antoine Corellou

    So playing inquisition forced to buy an overpriced dell ? How about you just upgrade your video card ?

  • http://www.alfygame.com/ alfy_game

    $379 it’s real..?

  • WonkoTheSane

    See my post above

  • vladx

    It won’t in 99% of the games that are not cpu bound. You don’t need to upgrade and I would wait anyways since Kaby Lake will be released in 3-4 months.

  • Dark Exsphere

    wait so i have the MSI 980 Ti Seahawk… is this a much bigger leap than that card?

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZBJJtaPXEeCubP-2YPKk4g Endrikh Darkvine

    Somebody post a link to the archived stream pls, all of Europe here, we didn’t stay up all night to watch it live 😀

  • Jacob Ray Fuehne

    unfortunately yes…. they said that in the article its like double….

    which sucks because I just bought my computer a month ago with 980 Ti

  • David Seong

    LOL xD

  • hurin

    Looks like I dodged a bullet. I had been planning to buy a 980.

  • http://dudeism.com/ TheDude

    Seems like heaven for gamers

  • zidan40o0

    I won’t upgrade from my GTX970 until they release a card that can max all games at 4k 60fps without SLI/Xfire.

  • Troy Laquerre

    Right, one with some nuts..

  • Troy Laquerre

    What homes said. As long as you have enough fast real ram your good.

  • Jedster

    If this has 2x Titan x performance then you’d be able to max every game out on 4k

  • NeonAnderson

    Wait, is this going to be the first Nvidia manufactured GPU as well? (normally to get an Nvidia card you have to buy another brand who manufacturers it and sometimes redesigns it if they do not follow the Nvidia design). But this one seems like it will be the first one actually manufactured by Nvidia itself???

  • Tim

    Nvidia always manufacture their own cards as well. I’ve got a Nvidia 980 right now.

  • zidan40o0

    I will wait for the benchmarks

  • Jeroen Stapper

    Yes, because when this card comes out, the 980 is suddenly a worthless piece of obsolete junk 😉

  • Jeroen Stapper

    it says 599 right there.

  • Robin Noce

    it’s a nuclear warhead!!!!!!

  • GregoryGr

    see you in 3 years.

  • GregoryGr

    what about my slightly older i5 4670k guys? will it bottleneck a 1080?

  • NekoGeko

    Its double from GTX 980 not GTX 980TI.

    GTX 980TI is a gimped Titan X – not upgraded GTX 980.

  • William Mazeo

    In this comment session: how propaganda affect people. lol

  • Fred McKay

    Nvidia manufacture the chip, card and their own reference cooler which they supply to companies like ASUS or MSI who sell the cards with the reference cooler or they take off the reference cooler and add their own design for better peformance.

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    Inquisition was more of the warning sign. There are games coming out over the next few months that are going to make Inquisition look like a screensaver, and I want to be ready. And I went with Alienware because even as overpriced as they are, they are still about 30% cheaper than when I build myself because I use much higher quality parts than they do, and I’m not in the mood go all out again 😛

  • Sidredd

    Thing is as new technology arrives software fills the processing space meaning you’ll never be able to max games out for long.

  • SlyJay

    Good thing I only got the GTX 960 to tie me over until this came out. I’m super excited to get the GTX 1070 now. I know plenty people are feelign real stupid right now for buying the GTX 970.

  • trog69

    And not all that gimped. Even staying with the factory OCs on this 980ti SC+, I’m getting thisclose to Titan X frame rates.

  • trog69

    Wait until people see the price of the 1080ti. I bought a 980ti as an upgrade for the 780 when it proved a bit underpowered for TW3: Wild Hunt @ 1440p, then the mobo started giving me RAM issues, so had a new z170 system built around that 980ti.

    I don’t I’ll have too many games giving me problems running them for the next year or two; next year I might think about a GPU upgrade, if AMD can come up with something comparable and that forces them both to lower prices. I’m not at all worried, since I don’t game @ 4k, and I’m old and spazzy, so I don’t need 120+fps for competitive shooters.

  • MariusXIII

    That makes no sense. They charge 30% more than the parts cost off the shelf. You gave them an extra $300-500 to assemble your computer which can be done in an afternoon for free.

  • hurin

    No, but I am planning to get VR later on. And the 1080 has much better VR performance than the 980.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/kamikazilucas kamikazi lucas

    on the peformance page its barely 70% better than the 980

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    When I take the time to build my own computer, I use parts much more expensive than what Alienware uses, from the power supply (platinum) to the memory chips (lowest latency available anywhere in the world) to the motherboard. It adds up.

  • Jedster

    It says on this exact page that’s it’s 2x the performance on a Titan x

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/kamikazilucas kamikazi lucas


  • https://www.youtube.com/user/kamikazilucas kamikazi lucas

    well its bullshit

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/kamikazilucas kamikazi lucas

    Huang says the 1080 is twice as fast as the Titan X when using the multi-projection feature to render VR. is what he actually said, this site took it out of context

  • SpydreX

    Then why not use the same parts? For the same amount of money you could have went all out… That is just not making good use of your money.

  • SpydreX

    No the people who feel stupid are the ones who bought 980s….

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    You’re not factoring in time. I make way too much money to waste time on building a computer if I’m not going to use the best of everything in it. That’s why I went Alienware and let them do it for me.

  • SpydreX

    Well in their cherry picked benchmarks they said it was almost twice the performance of a Titan X…

  • SpydreX

    Sadly this won’t happen as AMD already stated that they are only making low end cards for the Polaris architecture. No high end stuff from AMD for a while it seems.

  • SpydreX

    He meant 1070…

  • Christopher Estep

    You’re effectively out of excuses, then – according to the numbers, the GTX1080 can drive 4K in quantities of just one (depending on the game). Not every game – but then, how many games are incapable of even GOING to 4K?

  • SpydreX

    I doubt kaby lake will be much better. If I was him I would keep his CPU and its good enough and not worth spending a crap ton for a new socket.

  • hurin

    Yes, but in VR.

  • SpydreX

    No the 4690k was just a reboot of the 4670k with a new heat spreader but the same cpu essentially. You should be fine.

  • Theo

    LOL alienware, I would have spent that money on a SSD or a better Mobo. No matter the excuse, you’ve ripped yourself off from getting an alienware.

  • Christopher Estep

    That means it’s cost/price – not power or even size. Here’s the boggle factor breakdown – GTX1080 is a dual-slot GPU that is physically no larger than any dual-slot nV GPU back to GTX2xx; it requires all of a SINGLE 6+2 power feed, it can physically mount in any motherboard that can swallow dual-slot GPUs (which includes not just mATX, but mini-ITX as well – the issue is the case – not the motherboard). The outs that are standard are single-DVI, HDMI, and three DisplayPort – only D-sub CRTs are out of luck. Better performance than GTX980Ti, lower power usage (and lower price) than GTX980Ti, and no larger (physically) than GTX960. It’s a performance behemoth, but not a behemoth in any other way except price (and it’s not that big a PRICE behemoth; remember, the Founder’s Edition is CHEAPER than the current GTX980Ti, which has worse performance). I willingly admit; price is the ONLY reason for me to pass on it, as it meets every OTHER metric (and it doesn’t even require any other upgrades – I couldn’t say that about GTX980 – let alone GTX980Ti)

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    I saved at least fifteen hours ordering, verifying compatibility, unpacking everything, squeezing everything into the case without breaking anything, etc, which made it a wash. But yes, if you are willing to take the time to build your own then you’d be insane to consider Alienware an alternative. No question.

  • Theo

    What you do with your money is your business and I respect that. But let’s be honest with each other, 15 hours to get everything going is not even close to true. If it takes someone that much time, it’s probably because they have no idea how to proceed or even build.

    Grats on the titan X though.

  • Theo

    I was waiting for the 1070 before I jumped from the 670. Now I need to wait for Asus to make their STRIX boards.

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    Thanks! 15 hours for someone who only reads up on tech every 4 years when it times to replace a new computer is reasonable. Think of all the things you have to check for compatibility!
    1. CPU with socket
    2. PCI express lane count for SLI
    3. CPU with memory
    4. Motherboard with memory
    5. Devices with motherboard
    6. Motherboard with case
    7. Power supply sufficiency
    8. Power supply cabling
    Then you have to make performance-price decisions on each component. This can become recursive. Then you shop around for the best price. Then you have to order them, pick up the shipments (possibly as low as one shipment per component), unpack them, assemble the crap, and gather up all the packaging and throw it all out. Assembly time is not the only cost here.

  • Theo

    The only thing I will admit is buying a brand name computer is warranty. If something fails, you only need to deal with Alienware, Asus, HP whereas custom, if parts start to fail, you’ll need to deal with each one individually.

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    I will admit to never using a warranty when I can just go to Best Buy and replace the failing part though 😛

  • tophat1234

    I am excited to see what the performance will be with actual game play with games maxed out. I bet it wont be as good as people are expecting. It will probably be slightly better than Titan

  • Studentlife

    15 hours isn’t really.. far off.
    Unless you’ve built several computers.. (which, if you have.. you’re either 1) buying cheap parts constantly, or 2) have enough money to buy a good computer often.)
    I built my own computer at 18. Took me I think 6 hours? First time building one. But actually looking up what parts etc. took me a few more hours. Total I think was 12 hours? Maybe 13.
    Realized (at like 10pm) with the amount of things I purchased; they forgot to put the SSD in the bag.
    Ended up going back the next day and they said “Yeah it’s here, no problem sorry about that”. So I delayed myself a few more hours for that.

    Point is, that’s an isolated incident.
    But my brother, he built a computer a few weeks ago. Took him 7 hours. (Also first time building one). But he earns crazy amount of money; and the shop offered to build it for him for $150?
    He said “Nah I want to build it today and use it today.”
    Time was the issue, not the costs.
    He built the machine and, it wouldn’t power on. He quickly went to the store and they said they’d check whats up.
    Well, ended up being a faulty motherboard. So he had to wait another day for them to diagnose it etc.
    Ended up paying them to just build it for him anyway.

    Now, you buy a computer somewhere and get them to build it for you? You save all that time. If there’s any mistakes, they fix it before you get it. See how that works? Your “less than 15 hours” is if everything goes absolutely perfect.

  • derpentine

    No dude. Thats ludicrous. You just go to any recognized computer review site’s forum or r/pcgaming and just build their suggested build. No need to think about anything. Nowhere close to 15 hours. More like 15 minutes. You pissed away money on Alienware and now you’re trying to justify it. Bad call bro

  • jorge veiga

    And that shows its 70% betterthan the 980 as he stated above…

  • Theo

    First time always takes longer than it should. You’re nervous, you double check, even triple check. You’re sweating bullets.

    It also helps if you know what you want. If you go in blind, yes it will take some time. But nowhere near that time. The more you do it the easier it becomes. I don’t go for cheap parts as that tends to get much more expensive than spending quite a bit more and lasting it much longer.


    its very good news… congratulations…..

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    15 minutes to order everything, unpackage it, and assemble it.
    My estimate is FAR more realistic. I built the computer I’m replacing – these numbers are not coming from nowhere.
    Given that your estimation is preposterously unrealistic, it is YOUR motivations that should be questioned here, not mine.

  • Raven

    Err looking up wasn’t kamikazi the one who stated that?

  • Speakaz King

    you’re just an idiot for going alienware. thats it.

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    You are so peanut butter and jealous. Alienware is nothing to be jealous of bro.

  • Demad Hatter

    From someone who builds PCs near weekly i kinda think youre clueless – you can go on pcpartpicker and find builds better than alienware for far cheaper – Making excuses for paying a premium are things people with no concept of tech do to justify buying alienware for anything.

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    My only justification for going Alienware was it saved time versus building. I have no idea how allegedly intelligent people can possibly be offended by that.

  • Demad Hatter

    Thing is you could go to amazon or many other sites and buy all the parts in 10-15mins and have it at your house the next day and built within an hour and it would cost less than alienware and be quicker than alienware. So tell me how are you saving any time at all?

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    I did that four years ago with the PC I am replacing. Your time estimate is seriously off. I have already listed ad nauseum all the time sinks in this process. I have no need to repeat them. One hour is another seriously deluded claim.

  • Demad Hatter

    Alienware has been the overpriced joke for a while. Sure years ago when less savvy people made up a large chunk of the gaming community, then yeah Alienware was kinda go to. However there are just way too many competitors and knowledgeable sites to help people build machines on their own for people to still just throw money away.

    Ok sure if you just WANT Alienware thats all fine and dandy but to say it “saves” anything just makes no sense at all.

  • Demad Hatter

    Whoa if you cant build in an hour thats on you but building a PC in an hour is pretty dam simple. This is an air cooled PC not bothering with anything liquid. Can use a Noctua DH-14 for pretty much anything to keep it cool as well. Since you seem to have everything picked out that would make it more than an alienware i assume you have a saved wishlist of all these super costly parts that make your build more expensive than alienware?

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    Windows alone will take an hour. I have not picked out all the best parts like last time. If I had done that I would have built it myself, as that’s well over half the time.

    To repeat – Alienware is an insane choice if you know what you want and have time to build. It’s also insane versus other competitors, but I had no desire to seek them out as I’m incredibly busy with work getting my latest trading system release out the door. I knew Alienware would be decent and made a quick purchase since money was not a concern.

  • Graham

    I bought one used 5 months ago haha. (399$) Still not a bad deal though.

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    I agree with you on your last part – the only general reason to buy alienware versus another competitor is because you like their name or case for some reason. My purchase was a time saver and that’s it. I looked at MSI too, they were cheaper, but I liked the Alienware case better.

  • Demad Hatter

    Realize the difference between building and software. Also W10 does not take a full hour on a newly build PC with an SSD.

  • Studentlife

    Sorry. An hour to build a PC?
    Sorry, I know people who do it for a living. They can do it in an hour, but these people assemble computers literally all day long.
    You’re asking someone, who builds a computer (maybe) every 4 years? To build a computer at the same proficiency as someone who doesn’t?
    Not defending the guy, personally I prefer self-building because it’s enjoyable, but I understand why he would buy a computer.
    I bet if he said he paid a company to build it for him you wouldn’t care, the moment he said “Alienware” you get upset. I tihnk I’ve witnessed everyone I know who builds computers etc. scream alienware is the devil.
    Regardless, you’re an idiot for saying anyone/most people can build it in an hour.
    Estimated time for new people? 4-5 hours. (Go do a simple search on building a computer). This is because you tend to be more careful with everything and take it slow to not actually break things. After a few times you can probably build it faster, but first time? Second time? Not really. I’ve only built 1 computer in my life. My dad built my older computer; and I had that for a long time. I’m 23. But my friend he’s built about 15 computers. He’s 22. So he can do it, I can’t.
    Point is. 4-5 hours to build, add on the time to actually go to the store + buy parts and do research.. add another 5 hours. If you’re really inexperienced, and unsure what to buy… you tend to spend more time than that.

  • Theo

    I’m sorry buddy, but you’re failing to understand the term building. We’re not talking about how long it will take to install windows or updates.

    We’re talking about building a PC. If it takes you an hour to set up windows, it’s on you. Learn to be efficient.

    If you’re getting a new machine, download drivers and installers on your current setup based on your new computer and put it on a usb and have it ready for the new computer.

    Windows updates, you don’t even need to be near your computer for that.

  • Demad Hatter

    Yeah not entirely fond of MSI, tho when it comes to laptops i usually lean towards ASUS or Lenovo(low cost) – However my gaming days are behind me unless its something quick and simple.

  • Theo

    it doesn’t even take an hour on a mechanical HDD. Last time I remember waiting an hour for an OS install is windows 98SE

  • Demad Hatter

    Nod – windows is maybe 30 mins then you can pop in a motherboard driver CD that will install a good portion of what you need for 20min or so. Lastly you can search the internet and download all the latest drivers for everything else in another 20mins – Not to mention W10 will install drivers for you as well if you dont designate any particulars and self install.

    I will admit there is an unforeseen variable when building. Sometimes you press power button for first time and things do not go as planned – the troubleshooting alone can add another hour or two depending on what you missed but its not something you run into all the time.

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    You’re failing to understand the word “time saver”. If Alienware does it instead of me, they have saved me time. Excluding OS install from that calculation only makes sense if the computer can be useful without an OS.

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    Doesn’t matter. If Alienware does it instead of me, they save me time. Which was the entirety of the point.

  • Theo

    I do this for a living, I’m in the field, but for a first timer, yes it will take a few hours, but we also live in a world where you can do it faster based on the amount of information you can get.

    After the first time you get the gist of it and get better at it.
    Youtube has great videos on how-to’s. Watch a few videos instead of wasting time on Disqus and watch yourself be quicker and efficient.

    The bonus is you save and feel accomplished, it’s also easier to tackle down a problem you may come across, since you’re the one who built it.

  • Theo

    I’m not gonna resort to call you anything, Because we’re not 12 year olds. But I doubt he or she is jealous.

    Usually the jealous ones, compare their builds and say theirs is better and they paid less for it.

    Someone directly calling you an idiot, basically means they think you’re just that. The truth is you could have saved quite a bit. Alienware profits from people who don’t know much about computers or the value of each part.

    Like I’ve said earlier, if you feel like you’ve made the right choice, then that’s all that matters. But everyone is entitled to their opinions.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/kamikazilucas kamikazi lucas

    yes lol

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    The goal was never to save money, which is why I’m not an idiot. If I had your goal of optimizing for money and performance, I would have built it myself, as I did the $8,000 machine I’m typing this on that I built in 2011.

    People ignore the fact that I’ve already built and simply didn’t have time for it this time. So that left me with a decision to make: who to buy from. Well, I’ve bought from nine or ten vendors in the past, and I had the most pleasant experience with Dell. Oh… their gaming rigs are called Alienware now.

    See? Perfectly rational, experience and knowledge based process, seeking a different goal and thus finding a different means to achieve it. Calling me an idiot for that perfectly rational process simply makes you a bigot against people who value time and ease more than money.

  • Charles Anderson

    The Founder’s Edition is $100 more.

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    By the way, just to bring this full circle back to my OP and to being on topic for this article – I wish I had known the 1080 was coming out because then I wouldn’t have ordered the Alienware with a Titan X.

  • Antoine Corellou

    that’s it you said you go to best buy for your parts. Best buy doesn’t sell anything top of the line. You’re a troll.

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    I’m sure NVidia appreciates you all derailing this epic announcement thread to troll alienware for reasons no rational being can fathom.
    I said I go to Best Buy for a quick replacement part. Your mental illness is deeply disconcerting.

  • kquade

    Instead you invested that 15 hours responding to ridicule on a forum to defend why you didn’t build the PC you wanted.

  • bwinn1

    Still debating if it’s worth upgrading my 980ti strix I do have the HTC Vive coming I mean six hundred bucks is not a lot of money for what this card can do. I do have a GTX 970 I can sell to help offset the cost

  • LawdHamercy

    Is 1333mhz considered fast…or fast enough. I bought this ram about 5 years ago…never upgraded since it’s done me well so far.

    This is really good news too..I may sell my 970 for this.

  • Xycosis

    I cringed way more at the crowd chants at this event than the xbox one event at E3 a few years ago. Seriously, when a girl shouts in shock for a graphics card, you know it’s real haha

  • Kay

    I’m buying the 1080 to replace my 680.

  • Alex Sieg

    I nearly bought a 980 ti last month. Good thing I waited.

  • https://player.me/nickpreveza nickpreveza

    I can max out Inquisition with no problem, with a GTX 680. Can’t wait to buy this card though.

  • https://player.me/nickpreveza nickpreveza

    Sure, sure, of course. That’s why you totally wasted 2 hours on a freaking thread.

    Totally, the most important person alive, that doesn’t care about money, and can’t even build a computer.

  • https://player.me/nickpreveza nickpreveza

    Exactly my case!

  • https://player.me/nickpreveza nickpreveza

    No, it’s not not. A 980Ti can pull VR just fine. Wait a couple of years to do an upgrade that’s worth it.

    Now, if you just want to, sure, go ahead.

    I was holding off with my 680, which still plays AAA games at High / 60fps / 1080p – and now is the time to ascend, again. Buying any other card before the 1080, had no actual benefit for me, it’d be thrown away money.

  • https://player.me/nickpreveza nickpreveza

    A Titan ? This thing outperformes by 70% a Titan X. The difference in performance is ludicrous. The 980 Ti already does way better than a Titan.

  • https://player.me/nickpreveza nickpreveza

    We all knew the performance boost the next generation of GPUs would bring, why would anyone feel stupid ?

  • https://player.me/nickpreveza nickpreveza

    Yes, and no. Technically, yes. It’s 70% more powerful than a Titan X which is a bit more powerful than a 980 Ti.

    Now, practically, having a 980TI is more than enough, especially for 1080p gaming and VR. It’ll do just fine until 1080 Ti or the next generation of Nvidia GPUs.

  • https://player.me/nickpreveza nickpreveza

    a 980Ti would be enough for the next two years. The Witcher plays fine at ~60 / 1080p on my old champ, 680 – but it’s still pretty demanding.

  • wargamer1969

    My 780 classified plays my games at 4k low to medium settings, hoping for at least a 50% boost over that with the 1080 at 4k.

  • Gamertwenty .

    Your dad is 22…. o.O

  • Dark Exsphere

    i just checked a website online that said that the 1080 will be 25% more powerful than a 980Ti… 70% sounds way too crazy. if i were a businessman, i’d make it slightly better than the previous model so i can sell a new model and then build on that making more money. Don’t think Nvidia would go THAT high would it?

  • Studentlife

    Nah friend. See how I said my Dad.. then I mentioned me (23), then “my friend” continued on to say “22”.

  • Luther Aponte

    As much as I hate to be “that guy”, I can’t think of a legit reason as to why anyone would buy this. Unless it can run 4k at a consistent performance, why would I even consider upgrading from my R9 390X or the 970 in my other build? I know people often say there isn’t enough a reason for companies to go that far yet, seeing as there aren’t many 4K games out there yet, but one of the reasons is BECAUSE there aren’t any healthy 4K-capable GPUs out there. If there were, developers would actually be willing to put in the time and effort to make games to fill in the new niche. Honestly at this point it feels like Radeon and Geforce are just trying to race at a snail’s pace so-to-speak, releasing slightly-better-but-still-relatively-the-same-as-before hardware every year or so. Someone needs to make the jump.

  • David Jennings

    Wow, sounds like you are just too damn lazy for your own good. I’m a computer repair tech and I build custom gaming pc’s for people, If you were smart about where you got your parts you can save a lot of money vs. the money you spent on alienware for 1 and for another you would be able to get quite a few better parts with the money you saved by doing your own shopping. Building a computer let alone taking the time to pick the parts and what not isn’t all that time consuming, at least not even close to the number you gave. And why pay the extra money to have someone else build it? Why not make it how you want, learn how to build it and make it your own, not a pre-built one? Custom building your own PC is most definitely a better option but if you are willing to blow away daddies money and not give a crap about the extra options that come with building in on your own then that IS your right. As a professional though I would recommend a custom build over any pre-built PC. when you custom build your own PC you will fully understand why. This is however just my own opinion though, I really don’t care what you have to say after seeing this as I probably won’t ever read it, I’m just giving you an opinion based on experience dealing with people who come to me wanting their computers fixed and also based on the total reaction of helping people custom build their own machines.

  • CPOKashue

    I look forward to buying this in a few years when my 960 is fully obsoleted and this card has been downgraded into a proper range of budget cards. That’s not a complaint or anything, that’s just how it’s gonna go.

    I would have liked to hear more about its projected DX12 performance though.

  • zidan40o0

    Not really, I need to see some real life performance. Benchmarks are too standardized and don’t reflect the actual performance in games.

  • zidan40o0

    Honestly, 4k is the only real upgrade that one can make at the moment. For now, I don’t mind as long as my GTX970 is maxing 99% of the games there at 1080p .

  • Martin Očko

    i have birthday on 28 5 a am buying it straight away it came like birthday present

  • Chance Harper

    exactly this, it would not be the first time that some company starts glorifying their product and then in real life circumstances only show a performance gain of 15 – 20% So yeah, never go with the hype.

  • tophat1234

    On paper it says 70% better…… Lets see real world tests. They are never as high. EVER

  • Syze00

    You do realize Alienware isn’t the only gaming computer out there, right? It has the best name recognition but you could have found something better with a better warranty. What model alienware did you get?


    Yeah, he’s making no sense.

  • Ziwer

    Pascal will bottleneck i5-4460 ?

  • jody

    Here in the Netherlands is a forum its got the bestbuyguide for basic PC and high end PC, you order it build it andyou’re done. Alienware/Dell uses a lot of shady components just saying, plus no room for upgrades most of the time.
    Alienware also looks like crap but hey I like a business look not the childish transformers one, maybe you prefere it

  • Disregard Constabulary

    the saving in power consumption alone is enough to make it worth it

  • Princepwnage

    5k monitors are out also

  • zidan40o0

    Exactly, I still want to see where the economy of scale happens first, on 4k or 5k before upgrading.

  • Ankit Lamba

    I was thinking of buying Asus ROG GL552VW (GTX 960m), but since these graphic card announced, should I wait for price cut in notebooks in near future “so that I can buy an Alienware 15(GTX 980m) ” or just go for Asus.

  • Cridus

    Im 16, my first build: 2h of youtube/forums/picking parts/compare prices, 1,5 h on physically building. No one to help me, only forums….

  • Steven Fries

    This is how you have to look at it. Lets say it takes, around 2 hours to order parts, and 2 hours to assemble the unit. Now lets say it takes around 2 hours to install windows and drivers. that is 6 hours total. From what I noticed, Alien-ware is anywhere between $500-$1000 dollars more expensive to an equivalent pre-build machine. Lets just take the lowest number, $500. That is around $83 an hour. Have you ever worked for a job that gave you $83 an hour? No? Would you want to work for a job making $83 an hour? Of course you would, so why would you turn down a job of your own saving you $83 an hour, or $500 total? If you already know how to build a machine, you would be stupid to not build your own. Saying that it saves you time is just silly. It may be saving you time….but it is certainly not saving you money.

  • Steven Fries

    WTF? Most modern game engines out today for PC support 4k resolution. Is it overkill to buy a GTX1080 if you only game on 1080p screen?! Yes! 980 and 980ti is perfect. IF you have a 4k screen, then upgrading to the GTX 1080 is logical. If you have VR or want to be VR ready….then upgrading to a GTX 1080 is logical.

  • Steven Fries

    per nvidia, GTX 1080 is 20-25% faster than 980ti.

  • Gary_Rainville
  • Moe Better 11

    I may take an hour or so to source and buy parts from a reputable seller … then assemble and IF everything goes perfectly – an hour later (or so) – you have a nice working machine… yet, this is not always the case and people often underestimate the time they put into things. If this is a hobby or you are a pro – or you have time to burn – go for it. Often people do not have this time and it can take well more than an hour to setup, install, test, debug any new system…

  • tot

    well…here is what i see. A couple of pro builders, a bunch of kids that where born in a computer and a poor adult that has no time to spend on building one because he has other things troubling his mind, (things that put him in the position to buy a built without a sweat)

  • Beatnutz

    The easier way (which I’ve done myself) is just to look at the specs of pre-build gaming PC’s and order the exact same parts. No need for research.. and most of the things can be found on Amazon. I spent roughly 30 minutes finding all the parts.

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    Well, Alienware ended up wasting some of my time by shipping the Titan X in a hard 8x slot.

  • GregoryGr

    5k monitors are a pointless cash grabs. They are as useless as 1440p smartphones. Unless they also manage to improve our eye sight these resolutions can only mean increased cost, power consumption and waste of resources.

  • Mister_Dillon

    You’ll “wait for the benchmarks”? Didn’t you JUST say that you “want real life performance” because “benchmarks are too standardized and don’t reflect the actual performance in game”?

  • zidan40o0

    You can’t be this retarded can you? I mean in game benchmarks and not some synthetic tool.

  • NekoGeko

    In VR only. For games its about 25%

  • NekoGeko

    As far as current games go – yes. But it has less VRAM and less CUDA cores

  • AustinTXProgrammer

    For text a 5k 27-30″ monitor would be phenomenal. But you would need an OS with very good HiDPI support to make it work without irritation (Is there more than one yet?).

    I come to this conclusion comparing the way things look better on my retina macbook pro 15″ vs my Thunderbolt display and 40″ samsung 4k tv. I used a 28″ 4k monitor for a while. Screen resolution set to 1440p HiDPI. So non HiDPI applications saw 1440p, all text and HiDPI applications at 2880p (5k), and then scaled to 4k for display. It actually looked great, but I wanted the screen space offered by 2160p and move to a 40″ display at 4k (no longer HiDPI).

    On that note, let’s forget about 5k and move straight to 8k!

  • GeForce

    Upgrading from my old GTX 750 xD

  • Toad Wallop

    Alienware cases are claustrophobic dust collectors. Don’t get me wrong, I owned one before. F’n nightmare in hindsight. An Aurora R4. It looked cool, in away, to me at the time, but keeping that think clean sucked. Everything is closed off, like with this door like thing in front of the graphics card, and the PSU is basically completely hidden, etc. Give me a full size tower with a glass door any day. Their wire management is sloppy, parts are cheap looking, except maybe the GPU. You can buy all the best parts and still save money. You’ll also have a PC that’s much easier to upgrade, etc. If you built it, you get confidence, and never need help with a PC again. I have like 3 grand in mine right now, and it blows away every Alienware at a similar price point. It’s way better than anything they have to offer. My case is the 760T Corsair. Those PC’s are gimmicks for people that haven’t seen the light yet.

  • Toad Wallop

    Alienware sucks. I’ve been there, and I’ll never go back. If you won’t take advice from someone that’s been there, then I’m afraid you’ll have to figure it out on your own.

  • http://www.eveonline.com/ hoodaticus ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    Other than the mis-slotted Titan X, my experiences with Dell have been much better than with other vendors I’ve used, including HP.
    Also, the Alienware looks AMAZING in my living room.

  • Toad Wallop

    I’m not talking customer service. You’ll figure it out. Good luck.

  • Brack

    I have 2x Titan X and I can’t even max out most games at 3440×1440 (without 30fps spikes).

  • Brack

    Not really, I need to see some real life performance. Benchmarks are too standardized and don’t reflect the actual performance in games.

    I will wait for the benchmarks

  • zidan40o0

    You’re way too invested in nitpicking like this m8. Do you have a hobby?

  • Simon Spencer

    It would be nice if we saw the ENTIRE after-party video; so far they’ve shown a bit of Doom running off the 1080, and an uncut 5min video of the game, but those are really just a snippet of its capabilities.

    I don’t just want to play videogames with the card, but also see how it handles other uses like rendering or performance with video editing, and its efficiency running multiple applications at once.

  • Shadeslinger

    My GTX780 still rocks my world.

  • Matt Posten

    Why do forums have to result to bullying? Some people love the thrill of building, some do not. hoodaticus has the right to buy whatever he wants and appreciate whatever appeals to him. If you love being a purist, that’s great. Do what you love and have your own opinions, likes and dislikes. If you feel that you have to bash someone’s choices just because you disagree, that just shows insecurity in your own choices. Good grief guys, everyone is entitled to think for themselves and be their own person. That is what makes us all unique.

  • NeonAnderson

    I know, but the GTX 1080 will NOT follow this process and instead will be sold directly AS AN NVIDIA BRANDED CARD from their OWN ONLINE STORE.

    Thus why my surprise.

  • NeonAnderson

    Ok show me a picture of the box it came in.

  • NeonAnderson

    and just to add in there, they supply the reference design to Asus and MSI and such who manufacture it, they are just paying for the rights to use and sell Nvidia design.

  • Bluecider

    I kinda wonder why it will take Asus so long to make a STRIX board. What, they didn’t get samples and such to design one prior to the nVidia announcement? Ummm weird..
    I’ve seen no press announcement from ASUS about this. Late the the game I guess…

  • Gate Overvoltage

    Im a new here
    better post a joke:

    nvidia fans

  • Wael

    Intel / nVidia are bunch of thieves

  • Kay

    Can’t wait to replace my aging gtx 680 with this gtx 1080 beast.

  • FlamingLips79

    I’m all for buying custom built gaming PC’s, I’m just super anti-Alienware. I thought it was pretty common knowledge that they’re overpriced, and not worth the cost? There’s also another company that charges way too much, but I can’t recall their name atm. But hey, if this guy really has a ton of money to blow, and he’s happy with his build, then who am I to piss on his parade?

  • Nico

    Excuse you? BestBuy has replaced several PC components that have failed with their warranties ON SPOT WITHOUT QUESTION and if the product isn’t in store, they give me the option to upgrade or take instore credit. Bestbuy will be the place I purchase my 1080, granted I can get it asap.

  • #Yusuf#

    When is mobile pascal gpu coming?

  • Tommy Pearson

    I run a ROG Swift and honestly it’s just a tad bit sharper and for the record I have another 27 inch Viewsonic running a 970
    refresh 75mhz Looks better than my damn ASUS
    Anyway if you run a Gsync Monitor you will be locked anyways in my case I am locked at 144mhz I’m lucky in sli playing witcher three I would get 60fps or less that’s with Hairworks but I don’t even play it because it takes too much GPU power maybe sli 1080 ill attempt it

  • Ninjaheman

    When will the board partners release their custom cards? The OC versions with more fans and such.

  • Alex Lushiku

    Cancel shipping

  • Alex Lushiku

    Or return because you probably’ve got it right now

  • davidintel

    This looks like the card to get for 1440 gaming!! For 4K, not so much.

  • Maddox

    You got called out on your own words and now you’re calling into questions others motives because you can’t refute what YOU said? You can’t be this retarded, can you?

  • Maddox

    You’re right but we live in a market where “bigger is better”. People pretend like they are in control of themselves but you know for a fact that when the 5k, 6k, 10k and so on drop, they will be out there buying it. Pretending like they can SEE the difference. We are in an age of technology where its exceeding our physical visual capability. People need to stop pretending like 1080p isn’t enough. 4k is useless as even at 4k, our eyes can’t distinguish. But again, its a marketing scheme for the sheep who don’t know better. They pay for numbers, not results.

  • GregoryGr

    To be honest, we can spot difference among 1080p and 1440p but 4k is pointless.

  • Maddox

    I would agree with you there. I would hazard to say that 4k is more than we need which is why I think most companies will focus on VR and not going up in size. Anything more than 4k is just plain useless and touting numbers for marketing.