NVIDIA Ansel Revolutionizes Game Capture for GeForce GTX Gamers

by Henry Lin

Game photography is a new form of art.

You can see the very best screenshots from game developers and professional game photographers in exhibitions, printed and elegantly framed.

Ansel-art of gaming

As a gamer, I love to take beautiful screenshots, but today’s tools are incredibly limited. Getting the perfect shot requires hitting the Print Screen key rapidly, all while constrained to the in-game view and monitor resolution. The lack of precision and control makes it nearly impossible to capture the shot I want.

NVIDIA is changing this with the introduction of Ansel, a powerful, easy-to-use game capture tool built in cooperation with leading game developers.

Ansel lets you freeze time. You can compose your shots from any angle and adjust the image with post-process filters. You can capture at unbelievable resolutions, grab EXR images for full-spectrum color capture, and share your screenshots in 360° panoramas via your smartphone, PC or VR headset.


Here’s how Ansel can help you take amazing screenshots:

  • Free Camera — Roll, zoom and reposition. Go wherever you want to create the perfect photo. Ansel instantly overcomes the limitations of traditional game capture, allowing you to frame the perfect shot.
  • Super Resolution — Once you’ve positioned and framed your shot, Ansel allows you to capture screenshots at up to 4.5 gigapixel resolution, or 32x higher than your screen resolution. Using your NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU, Ansel can render and save these screenshots in just seconds. The result: images that you can downsample to lower resolutions for wall prints, posters or super-high-quality desktop wallpapers.
  • Post-Process Filters — So you can tweak the look, feel and mood of your screenshot before saving, Ansel includes brightness, vignette, sketch, color enhancer, field of view and many other special effects options. It lets you create and share your own special FX filters, as enthusiasts do now for ReShade and other post-process applications.
  • OpenEXR Capture — Export Ansel screenshots in Industrial Light & Magic’s OpenEXR format, enabling you to choose your camera exposure as a post-process, and adjust colors and levels without common banding artifacts. Use any popular image editing tool, such as Adobe Photoshop.
  • 360-degree Capture — With Ansel you can also capture 360° panoramic screenshots. It automatically stitches the 360° panorama in mono or stereo so you can view them in Google Cardboard, on your PC or in a VR headset. For Cardboard users, we’ve released the NVIDIA VR Viewer bundled with Ansel 360 Capture screenshots that you can view today. Download the app and check it out!

Coming Soon

Our revolutionary Ansel technology — coming soon to a number of top games — will let you take unique screenshots that were previously impossible to frame and snap. For a more detailed look at what Ansel can do, go to GeForce.com. NVIDIA Ansel will be available on supported games for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600-series and up.