What is Google Cast and Chromecast?

by Brian Choi

For dedicated cord cutters it’s hard to find a device that surpasses the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV. Whether you’re looking for sheer streaming power, console-quality gaming or you’re a Kodi or Plex fanboy, the fact that SHIELD is built on Android TV’s open platform makes it extremely versatile. Add to that the fact that Chromecast is now available to iOS devices, with Google Cast, you’re looking at one of the most open streaming platforms available.

NVIDIA SHIELD Chromecast comparison chart

What is Google Cast?

Simply put, Google Cast is a technology that lets you “cast” your favorite entertainment and apps from your smartphone, tablet, or computer directly to your TV. While new “native” apps are added to the Android TV landscape everyday, many more apps that are currently only available for Android and iOS mobiles devices can be “cast” to your SHIELD Android TV. Apps like Comedy Central, NFL Sunday Ticket, and VUDU just to name a few.

High-end Smart TV boxes like NVIDIA SHIELD, powered by the Android TV platform, have Google Cast technology already built-in, and they deliver all of the same technology and features from the popular Google Chromecast, without requiring the additional Chromecast dongle. Chromecast devices, designed by Google, are small dongles that you connect to your TV via an HDMI port. They work by streaming media content like TV, movies, and music over WiFi and you control the user experience with an app on your mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. What makes SHIELD special in this regard is that it has a Chromecast technology built-in!

Cast Your Favorite Shows, Playlist and Apps

With Google Cast, your smartphone or tablet becomes a remote control for your TV. You can simply tap the Cast button from your favorite mobile apps to start streaming to your SHIELD Android TV. You can even control your TV shows, playlists, and your apps, directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Many apps are optimized for devices with Google Cast

Many TV shows, movies, music, and next generation gaming apps are coming natively to Android TV. Because Android TV also contains Google Cast, any of the growing number of Google Cast Ready apps such as Comedy Central, NFL Sunday Ticket, and VUDU work nicely on your SHIELD Android TV as well.

Cast your favorite apps to NVIDIA SHIELD

Bevy of Cast-Ready Devices

Google Cast works with most devices you already own and love: Mobile devices running iOS (iPhone and iPad) as well as the broad range of Android phones and tablets. You can also Cast from the Chrome browser running on your Mac, Windows PC or Chromebook. It’s that easy.

If you don’t already own one, run out and get your NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV with Google Cast built-in today.