Google I/O: SHIELD, The Best Smart TV Device, Gets New Apps, Games and More

by Chris Daniel

With recently added top apps and games, and more great features to come, SHIELD is the best platform to experience your favorite media — and it keeps getting better.

At Google I/O, Google’s annual developer conference, several announcements were made that offer something for all SHIELD users.

Media streamers can enjoy native Android TV apps WatchESPN, Spotify and Disney. Gamers rejoice with the launches of Resident Evil 5 and Homefront: The Revolution. Cord-cutters will see the benefits of SHIELD becoming the first streaming media device with Netflix HDR while catching a glimpse of the future with new features coming to the next OS update, Android N.

We’re always improving SHIELD. It’s what we do. Updates — ranging from Android 6.0 Marshmallow to the launches of great games like Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on Android and Mad Max on our GeForce NOW game-streaming service — are just the beginning.

New Apps Coming to Android TV

During the sessions following the keynote, the Android TV team announced a slew of popular apps coming soon.

If you’re a sports fans you’ll be able to stream all ESPN has to offer. Music lovers will gain access to Spotify. Movie buffs can enjoy STARZ and ENCORE programming in the new STARZ app. For news junkies, CNN, NPR News and ABC News will soon be available. Family-friendly programming will get a major boost with WATCH ABC, Freeform, Disney Channel, Disney Jr. and Disney XD, and Nickelodeon. Viacom also brings popular shows with MTV and Comedy Central.

For a limited time,
For a limited time, we’re including the remote when you buy either the 16GB or 500GB SHIELD Android TV models.

But SHIELD is more than your average media streamer. It’s the best device for watching your favorite 4K content. So we’re working with VUDU to deliver the latest movies and TV to SHIELD. VUDU will join the growing list of 4K content providers — including the recently released Toon Goggles — in an over-the-air software upgrade coming soon.

Great Gaming, Only on SHIELD

SHIELD is a media streamer with the power of a game console — and a supercomputer and your computer.

Its Tegra X1 processor enables developers to bring great games, played natively, to SHIELD. Resident Evil 5 is set to join, available May 19.

GeForce NOW, our on-demand service that connects you to NVIDIA’s cloud-gaming supercomputers, is streaming more day and date titles than ever. Shadwen is now available on the service with Homefront: The Revolution coming soon.

HDR GameStream is also coming to SHIELD. With new, Pascal-based GPUs, gamers will soon be able to stream PC games with HDR to the living room.

A Glimpse Into the Future of TV

The SHIELD platform has evolved fast since its start with steady, meaningful updates. And it’s only the beginning.

On top of being the first media streaming device to output in ultra 4K at 60 frames per second, SHIELD becomes the first smart TV box with Netflix HDR. High dynamic range provides you, the viewer, with expanded range of both contrast and color. With these two enhancements, SHIELD is the best device to enjoy YouTube and Netflix.

Google also provided a look at future updates coming to Android N. Among the most anticipated are DVR support and multiscreen viewing (picture-in-picture), so you can, for example, download new games on your SHIELD Android TV while you watch video content..

To celebrate all the great content coming to SHIELD, for a limited time, we’re including the remote when you buy either the 16GB or 500GB models.

Once again, SHIELD Android TV, the flagship media streaming device, gives you more.

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  • gladgura

    With the new SHIELD TV Upgrade 3.2 coming Will this provide a fix to the Nvidia Shield TV to restore the ability in allowing an alternative home launcher to be set as default (such as Kodi using XBMC Launcher)?? The Nvidia Shield TV Marshmallow 3.0 update has just ruined my lovely custom home setup. And I’ve been waiting desperately for a fix.

  • Aladan57 .

    Sounds pretty awesome. I’m still waiting for the, Youtube Gaming App on the Shield TV.

  • Volodesi

    That doesn’t have anything to do with Nvidia. I believe it’s the Leanback Launcher(Google) that took that away in a update. Should be able to Uninstall Updates for it and get the functionality to over-ride their launcher again.

  • kliqa

    I want to just be able to lock the device for unauthorized access. Simple… lets have a parental lock function to lock the device and only unlock when we want.

  • Timothy Anderson

    This is by far and away the best Smart TV device. I know I have them all. I would like it if NVidia made a 4K HDR TV with this integrated. I would love to buy that. It would be cool to have a whole TV with that level of quality.

  • Björn Lundén

    It is indeed caused by an update to the Leanback Launcher (the stock Android TV launcher) that also happened to be bundled with the Marshmallow update. You will get the same behaviour on Lollipop if you update the app from the Play Store. What Google did was to set a priority in their app’s AndroidManifest.xml that results in their app being preferred over all other launchers. Only privileged system apps can set a matching priority value so the only thing you can do to bypass it without being rooted is to disable the Leanback Launcher app using the “pm disable [package name]” command over ADB.

  • Nuno G.

    Please, make Shield TV support multiple users support like on regular Android for mobiles and tablets!!!
    This is a very important feature on Android, that cannot be missed!!

  • Randy orton

    Thanks for sharing this useful information, It is very useful and who are searching

    for Buy ps4 online india