How the NVIDIA Indie Spotlight Fosters Independent Spirit of Gaming

by Brian Burke

Before it was a huge hit, Minecraft was created by just one guy.

You’ve never seen a TV ad for Rocket League. But it has over 19 million players.

If you have never heard of indie game classics such as Braid, Super Meat Boy, Hotline Miami or The Stanley Parable, do yourself a favor and check them out.

After you play them, you’ll understand why we’re announcing today the NVIDIA Indie Spotlight Program to increase our support of indie game developers.

NVIDIA Indie Spotlight Program

At NVIDIA, content is king because great hardware needs great games. Great games sometimes seem to come from out of nowhere. But “nowhere” is actually a bevy of independent developers with a burning passion for games — a group we’re recognizing through the NVIDIA Indie Spotlight Program.

It takes a special attitude to break from the big studios and pursue your passion. It takes brains, guts, creativity and drive. The same kind of attitude spurred three engineers to leave major semiconductor companies and start a company they called NVIDIA. We want to encourage that independent spirit.

GameWorks Gives Indie Developers a Head Start

For years, NVIDIA has been giving game developers a leg up in technology through our GameWorks program. GameWorks gives small developers free and easy access to the state of the art in graphics, physics and special effects technology.

Developers use GameWorks algorithms and toolsets to make it easier for them to add better graphics and visual effects to their games. This helps them make games better, and can shorten development cycles.

How the NVIDIA Indie Spotlight Program Works

The NVIDIA Indie Spotlight Program is designed to extend our support of small and independent game developers to include NVIDIA’s marketing outlets. We have the world’s largest PC gaming community and will use it to get the word out about the best indie games.

Whether you’re a talented first-time game developer or part of a team of former AAA devs striking out on your own, we want GeForce gamers to know about your game.

By connecting game creators with GeForce gamers, we hope to accelerate their path to success. We can use our retail channel partners, our GeForce NOW game streaming service, our press channels and our GeForce social media channels to tell our community about the best new indie games.

GeForce gamers get the benefit of discovering fantastic new games to play, because we handpick and curate the best indie games to share with them.

Two Greats Games Kick Things Off

NVIDIA Indie Spotlight kicks off with Hard Reset Redux from Gambitious and Dead by Daylight from Starbreeze Studios.

Hard Reset Redux is a single-player shooter that includes over-the-top destruction, loads of enemies, great weapon variety and a challenging campaign, all set in a beautifully realized cyberpunk environment.

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game in which one player takes on the role of the savage Killer, and four players play as Survivors, trying to escape the Killer and avoid an unsavory demise.

Grab One of These Games for Free with a Hardware Upgrade

Check out Hard Reset Redux and Dead by Daylight today. You’ll soon know why NVIDIA is fostering the independent spirit of gaming with our NVIDIA Indie Spotlight Program.

Better still, you can get a free game with the purchase of a participating GeForce GTX 960 or 950 desktop graphics card, or a notebook powered by a GeForce GTX 950M or 960M GPU. Get more details on our GeForce GTX Indie Bundle homepage.