GPU Tech Conference Expands to Eight Cities Worldwide

by Greg Estes

GPU-accelerated computing has gone global. Now our GPU Technology Conference — the world’s largest event for GPU developers — has, too.

We’re broadening the reach of GTC with a series of conferences in eight cities across four continents, bringing the latest industry trends to major technology centers around the globe.

Beijing, Taipei, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Tokyo, Seoul, Washington, and Mumbai will all host GTCs. Each will showcase technology from NVIDIA and our partners across the fields of deep learning, autonomous driving and virtual reality. Several events in the series will also feature keynote presentations by NVIDIA CEO and co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang.

We’ve also finalized the dates for GTC 2017, in Silicon Valley, the largest and single most important event for GPU developers. Set for May 8-11 in San Jose’s McEnery Convention Center, it will be a must-attend event for anyone from anywhere in the world who is interested in GPU computing. Attendance has doubled over the past four years on the strength of world-class technical sessions, developer training and business networking opportunities.

First Ever GTC in Europe

One of the highlights of this expansion is our first ever GTC Europe. Taking place Sept. 28-29 in Amsterdam, the event will feature thought leaders from across the industry who will discuss how GPU-powered technologies are driving the future, starting with the transformation of the automotive industry.

Experts will delve into the opportunities of autonomous driving. Attendees will learn about the benefits of Volvo’s Drive Me program, understand how artificial intelligence helps Audi develop autonomous driving solutions, and discover how Renault’s autonomous driving program addresses challenges in the automotive business.

And, at the GTC Europe Emerging Companies Summit, local startups will get the chance to present their groundbreaking developments to industry executives, analysts and potential customers.

Focus on Deep Learning, AI

Each GTC event will showcase technology breakthroughs. GTC Taiwan will be among those to have a VR Village to demonstrate the latest advances in virtual reality. At GTC Japan, many presentations will have a special focus on AI and innovation in the field of robotics. And the hands-on labs at GTC Australia will provide attendees with in-depth experiences in deep learning.

The global GTC event series will feature training opportunities, educational tools and keynote addresses from world-renowned leaders in industry and academia. Past speakers have included Jeff Dean of Google, Andrew Ng of Baidu, Danny Nahmias of Pixar, Gill Pratt of Toyota, Rob High of IBM Watson and, of course, NVIDIA CEO Huang.


GTC Success Stories

Our GTC event series also provides attendees an opportunity to collaborate on new ideas with top business and educational organizations. GTC has become a launching pad for early-stage companies looking for new partners, customers and investors:

  • In 2010, we featured NaturalMotion’s amazingly realistic physics simulation. Zynga acquired the gaming company last year for $527 million.
  • Shortly after appearing at ECS in 2012, game-streaming pioneer Gaikai was acquired by Sony for $380 million.
  • Oculus, the startup synonymous with VR, appeared onstage and won an award at ECS in 2013. One year later, Facebook acquired it for $2 billion.
  • Machine learning startup Magic Pony Technology participated at ECS in 2016. Two months later, Twitter acquired the company for a reported $150 million.

More Details

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