Better by Any Measure: NVIDIA GRID Offers Industry’s First Complete Virtual GPU Monitoring

by John Fanelli

To get the most out their graphics virtualization investments, IT teams require visibility into virtual GPU (vGPU) deployments.

With the latest NVIDIA GRID release, available starting Aug. 26, businesses will gain actionable insights through analytics at both the host and guest levels.

With new GRID Monitoring capabilities, NVIDIA GRID August 2016 delivers the industry’s first GPU-driven analytics to help measure, manage and support graphics virtualization environments.

“High-performing IT departments can deliver, support and measure services in near-real time,” said Robert Young, research director of IT Service Management and Client Virtualization Software at IDC. “With technologies such as NVIDIA GRID Monitoring, IT staff can gain valuable insights regarding the performance virtualized applications to optimize and scale their VDI deployments.”

GRID Monitoring offers the most granular insight available into vGPU performance, so businesses can deploy virtual graphics environments faster, achieve greater cost savings and effectiveness, and better demonstrate the value of the vGPU across the enterprise.

GRID Monitoring includes the following insight into the GPU-accelerated system:

  • vGPU Discovery — Query the supported vGPUs types, creatable vGPU types and currently active vGPU types on a physical GPU.
  • vGPU Properties — Gain insight into the properties of a vGPU profile, such as name, number of displays supported, maximum resolution supported, frame buffer size, current license status and more.
  • Utilization Reports — For an active vGPU/virtual machine, these metrics report average 3D engine, frame buffer, encode engine and decode engine utilization since the last monitoring cycle.

Key to Successful Virtual Graphics Deployments

Combined with NVIDIA Tesla M6, Tesla M60 or our new Tesla M10 GPUs, NVIDIA GRID August 2016 provides a complete solution for enterprise-wide virtualized graphics deployments with the most extensive vGPU visibility.

Also available Aug. 26, the Tesla M10 will enable IT departments to deliver the highest user density and best user experience available for every modern business application, such as Outlook, Office 2016, web browsers, Adobe Photoshop and the Windows 10 operating system.

Wide Industry Support for NVIDIA GRID

NVIDIA GRID August 2016 release is launched with support from leading virtualization and application providers across the industry:

“NVIDIA GRID Monitoring is the next step in delivering the optimal graphics accelerated virtual desktop and virtual workstation experience. With these insights into GRID vGPU, IT departments will better understand their workloads to architect the right virtualized environment with the best user experience using VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GRID vGPU.”

— Pat Lee, vice president, product management, cloud apps and desktops, End-User Computing, VMware

“As companies understand the power of graphics acceleration in the data center, administrators need insight into vGPU workloads and performance to optimize their use. The new NVIDIA GRID Monitoring APIs offer promise as valuable enablers to drive broader graphics acceleration adoption in the data center.”

— Calvin Hsu, vice president of Product Marketing, Windows App Delivery, Citrix Systems, Inc.

“eG Innovations is thrilled that NVIDIA has directly integrated monitoring intelligence into its innovative GRID software and to have early access, in order to leverage these new insights and analytics for an even more immersive and powerful end-user experience.”

— Matt Wrabley, vice president of Business Development, eG Innovations

“GPU acceleration and advanced analysis of graphics is critical to our SysTrack customers and our early access to NVIDIA GRID Monitoring has made this possible for both physical and virtual GPUs. This highlights what’s possible with both Lakeside and NVIDIA.”

— Dan Salinas, vice president of Business Development, Lakeside Software

“Visibility into the GPU is one of the last frontiers in next-generation workspaces like VDI, RDSH and other host-based workloads and we are excited to include NVIDIA metrics into Stratusphere. The addition of GPU-centric metrics will help the industry coalesce around best practices and ultimately enhance the user experience of these platforms.”

— J. Tyler Rohrer, co-founder, Liquidware Labs


The NVIDIA GRID August 2016 release is the available free to all NVIDIA GRID subscription and support customers starting Aug. 26 as part of NVIDIA twice a year software feature releases. NVIDIA GRID customers can access GRID Monitoring capabilities in three ways:

  • Business as usual with their existing native tools — Perfmon, NVSMI and GPUz
  • Virtualization and management application providers, including Citrix, VMware, EG Innovations, Lakeside Software and Liquidware Labs.
  • Custom-built applications via the open GRID Management SDK.

Learn More at VMworld

To see NVIDIA GRID Monitoring in action, visit us at VMworld, Aug. 29-Sept. 1 in booth 955. Learn more about graphics acceleration in the data center during our VMworld talks. And follow the events of the show at #vmworld.