Not So VR Away: NVIDIA, HTC Make It Easier to Bring Virtual Reality to Your Business

by David Weinstein

Putting cutting-edge VR to work in your business is about to get easier. Next month, our new Pascal-based NVIDIA Quadro professional GPUs and HTC’s Vive Business Edition will become generally available.

Our Pascal-based Quadro GPUs will support a wide range of new VR technologies. Separately, HTC’s Vive Business Edition will make it easier to put VR to work for your organization.

Businesses are adopting VR technology to improve production workflows, visualize CAD designs, for safety and training, and to create better than real experiences for their customers.

But they also need sophisticated tools to manage this technology and make it accessible to their teams.

“Enterprise customers require more complex and reliable VR platforms than what exists for the average consumer today,” said Hervé Fontaine, vice president of B2B and business development at HTC. “With NVIDIA’s and HTC’s enterprise-grade offerings, businesses can jumpstart their VR initiatives to accelerate and improve their design and production processes.”

Expanding the Market for Professional VR

Enterprises have been among the most enthusiastic adopters of VR. Automakers like Audi, Ford, BMW and Daimler already use VR to drive car sales or as part of their design processes. Architectural firms such as AEcom and Gensler have adopted VR to allow architects, designers and their clients to take virtual walks through their buildings.

Audi's VR experience
Automakers like Audi use VR to drive car sales, and as part of their design process.

Yet many companies block media content websites, including Steam and Oculus. Innovators at these companies often need to get special approval to evaluate consumer VR headsets to develop VR proofs of concept. But when it comes to real deployment within the company, a reliable process compliant with IT security policies is required.

To help speed VR’s adoption, Vive Business Edition includes everything a company needs to deploy VR on a wide scale. This includes a commercial license for business, cable extension up to 10 meters, a dedicated support line, fast delivery and an install and update service to easily deploy Vive Business Edition within their corporate IT network.

HTC will make the Vive Business edition install and update service available free of charge directly from starting in early October. Companies will be able to chose from three installation modes for SteamVR software: offline standalone installation without any connection to internet, manual update mode or automatic update mode. Update software packages are then provided directly from an HTC server without connection to Steam servers to comply with typical corporate IT security policy requirements.

Pascal Makes This a Great Time to Jump In

In addition, the arrival next month of our new Pascal-based Quadro GPUs gives enterprises more reasons than ever to jump into VR. They support new VR technologies, such as Simultaneous Multi-Projection, which effectively doubles the graphics throughput for stereo rendering.

Quadro professional GPUs
Powerful NVIDIA Pascal-based Quadro GPUs give enterprises more reasons to jump into VR than ever.

Quadro GPUs also come with access to the NVIDIA VRWorks SDK, which uses SMP to power Single Pass Stereo and Lens Matched Shading features to significantly improve graphics performance for VR, for the creation of richer, more immersive environments.

Other VR-related features exclusive to Quadro GPUs include: GPUDirect for Video, Warp & Blend and GPU Synchronization.

Check It Out at GTC Europe

Come see NVIDIA’s and HTC’s VR offerings for the professional market on display this week in HTC’s booth at GTC Europe.