Seven Service Providers Delivering the GPU-Accelerated Cloud – Built on NVIDIA GRID

Delivering GPU-Accelerated Desktops and Apps, from Any Cloud
by Tony Paikeday

NVIDIA GRID continues to transform how organizations deploy graphics-intensive virtual workspaces, built on the industry’s only enterprise-grade platform for GPU virtualization. Our vision of a GPU-accelerated cloud extends the benefits of that platform, ensuring that businesses are able to deliver virtual desktops and apps with industry-leading performance, and a user experience that’s as good as physical, from any cloud. With this in mind, we’re excited by the pace at which prominent cloud service providers are building offerings with NVIDIA GRID.

“NVIDIA has been busy expanding the use cases of GPUs within the data center for several years, and has been building up an ecosystem of vendors to support its move into graphics-powered virtual desktops and desktop-as-a-service.  Now it’s taken the next logical step – arming cloud service providers with GPU resources that will significantly expand their market reach to support cloud-based graphics accelerated workspaces and applications ranging from rich media office tools right up to high-end computer-aided design packages for engineers.”
John Abbott, co-founder and distinguished analyst, at 451 Research

We’re pleased to be collaborating with NVIDIA to deliver high-end workstations capabilities via Azure N-Series virtual machines with NVIDIA GRID. This solution is the next step in our shared vision to bring the benefits of GPU-accelerated cloud to enterprises worldwide.
Brett Tanzer, partner group program manager, Azure Compute

“We’ve been in lockstep with NVIDIA to bring their latest GPU technology to the cloud for years. We’re working together to bring NVIDIA GRID-enabled VMs, desktops and applications to the cloud in innovative and disruptive ways. Never has such raw computing power been accessible to so many, on a simple pay-as-you-go model.”
Jerry Gutierrez, global HPC sales leader, IBM Cloud

From Desktop to Data Center … and now to the Cloud!

From the beginning, NVIDIA Quadro professional GPUs have been the industry standard for enterprise-grade workstation graphics. With NVIDIA GRID we’re taking the same professional visualization capabilities of Quadro and bringing them to the data center to accelerate the performance of virtual desktops and apps, with a virtualized user experience with no compromise in performance. Today, we extend this best of breed platform to the cloud, delivering flexibility, choice, speed and efficiency.  NVIDIA GRID is already enabling the biggest names in cloud computing including Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud.

The Beginning of the Cloud-GPU Era

Our vision for the GPU-accelerated cloud will make NVIDIA GPU and GRID technology pervasively accessible across any cloud, to the extent that no matter where a customer is in their maturity stage, NVIDIA GPU and GRID software will accelerate the workload they do business on, from wherever they consume it: on-premises, public cloud, hybrid cloud. In the cloud-hosted model, customers can expect these benefits:

  1. “PoC-free,” accelerated delivery of a GPU-accelerated workspace or app
  2. Elasticity of scale, with cloud economics – untethered from architecture (no hosts, cards, software licensing, services or skills)
  3. NVIDIA GRID “built-in” simplicity – with NVIDIA GPU hardware and GRID software “baked” into cloud provider infrastructure
GPU Cloud Benefits
Benefits of the GPU-accelerated cloud for desktops, apps and workstations

Customers Can Now Reap the Benefits of the GPU-Accelerated Cloud

Customers and service providers alike have repeatedly told us they need virtual workspace experiences that can truly replace physical PCs and workstations. NVIDIA GRID cloud service providers bring our technology to customers, providing a cost-effective, high-quality user experience for everyone from designers to office workers.

These partners are delivering graphics-accelerated workspaces with simplified, rapid implementation, affordable subscription-based pricing and unlimited scalability. Now businesses can quickly and easily support every use case including disaster recovery, temporary workers, branch offices, and mergers and acquisitions. Organizations gain a cost-effective solution that provides elasticity of scale, while eliminating upfront cap-ex hurdles.  If you’re looking to move your virtual desktops and apps into the cloud, check out these partners who have built their offerings on NVIDIA GRID.



“With the Cloudalize GDaaS Platform launch, cloud GPU powered collaborative workspaces starting at 0,29€/hr have become a reality thanks to NVIDIA GRID CSP.  Engineers, designers and architects in geographically dispersed teams can now truly collaborate with CAD, CAE, 3D, GIS or any other graphics-intensive applications anytime, anywhere, on any device. For the first time ever, cloud vGPU profiles ensure that users only pay for the amount of GPU power they need. This is more than 10X more cost effective versus having to take a whole GPU chip in pass-through mode.  Instant self-provisioned deployment through a fully automated webportal, zero CAPEX, 5 different performance profiles and a monthly or hourly billing model offer great value to GPU accelerated users in the Architecture Engineering and Construction sector. GDaaS™ is tailored to be delivered through channel partners such as managed service providers, software vendors and system integrators. Partners can use and resell the GDaaS™ Platform under their own brand (white label). Apply for a free trial at”

Benny Willen, CEO Cloudalize



Frame is a true cloud platform, available globally from more than 20 AWS and Azure regions on 5 continents.  Frame lets you create powerful, secure, and elastic cloud workspaces, and it’s the easiest way to tap into the virtually unlimited power of NVIDIA GRID in the cloud.” Start for free at

Justin Boitano, vice president of marketing at Frame



“We want to provide customers with the best infrastructure, which is why we partner with the best. Dedicated to business agility and innovation, Outscale also needs an infrastructure that can be used for state-of-the-art services, such as NVIDIA GPU in the cloud, which allows companies to deliver 3D experiences to their customers over the cloud. Outscale provides virtual machines with GPU for clients to deliver services with advanced graphic acceleration, such as desktops as a service (DaaS) or software as a service (SaaS). As an example, Dassault Systèmes, creator of advanced 3D modeling and simulation applications, has released a cloud-based version of its CATIA application hosted by Outscale. With the powerful Outscale Cloud, Dassault Systèmes customers can create and view 3D designs from almost any device. Read our free eBook to learn more.

Laurent Seror, CEO and founder, Outscale



“As enterprises continue to migrate to the cloud, more and more applications require a graphics processing unit (GPU) to perform, which is why it was important for Secure-24 to find a partner that understands the value of cloud to power our vGPU-as-a Service solution. Our partnership with NVIDIA and the use of NVIDIA GRID technology, enables us to provide clients with a graphics-rich experience on any device regardless of location or application for increased security, productivity and cost-efficiencies. Click here to learn more about the value of our vGPU-as-a-Service solution.

Scott, McIsaac, co-CTO, Secure-24



“NaviSite’s DaaS cloud-hosted desktops – powered by the NVIDIA GPU – are transforming the way businesses operate. The NVIDIA technology in our cloud-based virtual desktops allows for smoother rendering and faster processing, which means today’s workforce can enjoy a powerful, graphic-intensive experience wherever they are – at customer facilities, on the job site, or while traveling.  NaviCloud® DaaS with accelerated graphicsprovides enhanced computing power and high-resolution graphics capabilities. Combined with NaviSite’s white glove service, companies now have a faster and more cost-effective way to scale their businesses, without incurring CapEx, or compromising security and performance.”

Max Lopez DaaS Operations Manager