Startups, Swing for Fences — and $100,000 — in NVIDIA Early Stage Challenge

by Alain Tiquet

Groundbreaking. Game-changing. Revolutionary. There’s a lot of hype out there. But if your early-stage GPU-using startup can bring the goods, then we need to talk.

That’s because there’s $100,000 in cash on the line for a dozen young startups competing in our Early Stage Challenge. It’s a highlight of our annual Emerging Companies Summit in Silicon Valley, to be held Wednesday, May 10, 2017.

Here’s how the challenge works: CEOs get four minutes to pitch their early-stage companies to our expert panel, and another four minutes to answer questions. After all have presented, the panel and audience choose a winner, who gets handed a check — on the spot.

If your company is using GPUs to develop hardware or applications in AI, deep learning, robotics, automotive technology, pro graphics visualization or other hot fields, submit your entry by the January 20, 2017, deadline.

Emerging Companies Summit: Gateway to Success

Regardless of the outcome of the Early Stage Challenge, participating in it and the Emerging Companies Summit is its own reward. The day-long event is held smack in the middle of our annual GPU Technology Conference, which will draw upwards of 8,000 attendees from 40-plus countries, including developers, researchers, scientists, executives, academics, and analysts.

Artomatix ECS 2015
Artomatix bested a dozen other companies to bag $100,000 in the Early Stage Challenge 2015.

Barcelona-based Sadako Technologies, developers of a robot that uses machine learning to sort recycling and extra items of value, snagged the 2016 Early Stage Challenge. Dublin-based Artomatix, which automates content creation by generating images that usually need artists, painted itself a path to victory in the 2015 challenge.

Many more Emerging Companies Summit participants have gone on to be acquired or to grow their business exponentially. A shortlist includes:

  • Magic Pony Technology, purchased by Twitter earlier this year for $150 million.
  • Oculus, acquired by Facebook for $2 billion.
  • NaturalMotion, purchased by Zynga for $527 million.
  • Elemental Technologies, acquired by Amazon for a reported $500 million.
  • Gaikai, bought by Sony for $380 million.

So let us know if your startup has raised less than $1 million in capital and uses GPUs for AI, visualization, robotics, automotive technology, entertainment, cloud or mobile computing. And get started by applying by January 20, 2017.